Hell Fire Corner Ypres. Today 20/10/12



The guns fell silent on the Western Front 94 years ago but it's legacy remains....
Well I live across the road almost and I often see this stuff but this one is a big ******!

I have a copy of the latest DOVO brochure and I notice the former revealed a figure of 150 tons per year recovered from the battlefields. The new figure has been elevated to 300 tons per year and the local news papers are often reporting on people getting blown up, gassed by chorline, phosgene and burnt by mustard liquid such as a farmer last week who received massive corrosive burns to his arse after sitting on a tree stump he had just pulled out of the ground but you are right: nowt unusual in that!
Can you find some nice Roma chappies on thier way to England and let them know the price of brass these days? And also let them know the best way to get said metals is to twat the nose cap with a lump hammer?
I've had the luck to attend quite a few battlefield tours, most of which incorporate Ypres at some point. The very first one mentioned 'Hell's Corner,' and it always stuck with me, far more than most of the other well-known locations.

I was incredibly disappointed to find out that Phase 1 no longer involves a tour to France and Belgium. Mostly because the lads and lasses coming through seemed very disappointed themselves. As a young soldier it proved the most effective (definitely for me) tool in demonstrating exactly what the CDRILS encompass.

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