Well its a ripp off of Crye MC done in photoshop ,and then produced in clothing only no Cordura. looks like washed out MC in the flesh might give you that ally look off the shelf just like a washed out windproof would in some peoples eyes .
No idea about durability but ive not heard anything negative ,other than stock are low cos the factory cant keep up with demand !


Helikon is polish multicam, officially called camogram. Their is demand for it but suspect build quality in the samples we seen last year.
I used some trousers in Herrick last year and they didn't fall apart BUT they are not brilliant quality (think rip off Yank trousers from the market..) and nothing compared to issue MTP... Colour match is ok when used with MTP but is a little faded as FM stated
I have a Patriot fleece by them, reasonable kit for casual wear ......... week after I got it they brought out their commander fleece for 10 quid more which is windproof! my usual luck! :-D

I have a couple pairs of their ACU cut trousers in plain green and plain tan which I did use for casual wear, now for work as a civi MT Driver and hillwalking. I find them excellent for 23 quid a pair from SOF. Comfy and practical cut, practical well designed pockets. Only thing I'd change is a zip fly instead of buttons. If only they came in DPM for use ATC range duties!

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