Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by woolyback_bastard, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm lucy
    When I'm older I want to fly helicoptor's, I've been to RAF odiham and met a lot of pilots, also I've meet the comander of 18 Sqn and some of 7 Sqn.
    I've had a chat with quit a few Army Air Corp pilots at Odiham and Aldershot. But I sill don't no what Edgercation I need. :?
    I know I need to do well at school to get the slitest chance, I only Ten and have my SATS coming up so you advice will be usefull. 8)

    Edited to add, Lads I won't let the girls have there own account this way I can keep an eye of what they are up to. Thanks
  2. woolyback lucy?

  3. Oh dear.

    T'would be good if we didnt already know youre a 57 year old bloke called Raymond from Slough...................

    Is there a point to this, wooley? Or am I missing something here?
  4. :oops:

    edited because I read the first post in full.

    Goodluck lucy! 8)
  5. Flash thanks for PM any advice for her would be most appreciated, quite a few from arrse who have met her and know her dream. Dream now but without right education only ever going to be a dream.
  6. Dear Lucy,

    It will be a long time before you can fly a real helicopter, but you can start to practice now.

    If Daddy loves you a lot, he will buy you one of these:

    It's less than £1000, so it's really cheap. Daddy can buy it from one of the dealers listed in this web-site: http://www.ripmax.com/item.asp?itemid=A-H0405-906&Category=020-010

    When Daddy has bought you one, write back and tell us how nice it is.

    Lots of love,

  7. she is 10 and she can still write better then me. :oops:
  8. puttees, that is a serious boys toy.
  9. You're right. In fact it's too boyish for a girl.

    Dear Lucy,

    I have changed my mind.

    This is much nicer:


    and it will be much easier to fly.

    A link for Daddy: http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/picooz-micro-heli/index.html

    Perhaps Daddy will get you one for Christmas or your birthday.

    Lots of love again,

  10. Good luck with your SATs Lucy, aim to beat my year 6 SATs score of 4 in Maths, 4 in English and 5 in Science.
    Does your school have any team sports you could play? When you go to year 7 at secondary school they'll have plenty of sports for you.
    When you turn 13 years old, even though that's a while off yet, you might want to join the Air Cadets because with them you may be able to start flying gliders. 8) My friend did that and became the youngest glider instructor in the country. :wink:
  11. Lucy, don't forget the Navy. Helicopters, foreign trips AND a snazzy uniform :D


    As a sidenote, I do believe that the Seaking has so long left in service that the last pilots for the Seaking haven't even been born yet!
  12. Hello Lucy keep up the good work and as been pointed out on other threads by your dad and other people the English Language and text speak is appalling. However if it is really you writing this you have proven you are very mature and well educated for your age and have already a good focus in life. Good luck to you and Im sure you will do well, even Flashy sounds like he's backing you.

    ps tell Wooly back that I Know how it feels I have a 12 year old daughter and know how they can twist you round there little finger :D

    good luck to the future.
  13. dad says £25 is to little amount of money, £100's more his style . :clap: But I'll be lucky if I get Ten Pounds
  14. I'll try, But you'll need to no I'm not a great fan of science :)
    I did well in my QCA's , all 5's , so I should do well in my SATS.
    I love playing football , I play in goal keeper for hartley Wintney under 11 girls .
    I have all ready had a night with the Cadets at RAF Odiham. I was going to do some training with them, But all suitable nights were rowend by the weather. Instead I had a tour around the camp. I got to see three Chinooks night flying and one of them landed close to me and my dad. 8)
  15. I went to RAF Odiham's familys day . I was in the last grop to fly in a chinook, I had my hemet on an every thing, and they canceled it :frustrated:
    But on the up side I was aball to name every Helicoptor there except one the Griffin , The pilot in the Squirle was very impressed :thumright: . I also got to go in a apache and wear one of the helmets. I maneged to get a cap badge and a lapell for a officer in the Army Air Corp. :)