Helicopter Warfare

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jack-daniels, May 12, 2009.

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  1. I thought this a marvelous programme, and a great tribute to the aircrew, the Wessex aircraft and those who designed and maintained them.
  2. Anyone know if the pilot of 'Humphrey' got a DFC or something for that?
  3. I didn't see the prog. However, if you're referring to the pilot of the Wessex (Lt Cdr Ian Stanley?) who picked up the SAS from Fortuna Glacier in 82, I believe he got a thoroughly deserved DSC (although arguably an AFC would have been more appropriate).

    I'm pretty certain his observer and aircrewman also got something as well.
  4. That was him and you can watch it here:

  5. A DSO actually for that and other missions:

    For his courage and feats of airmanship, Lt Cdr Ian Stanley RN was awarded the Distinguished Service Order

    Two boats engines failed almost as soon as they were launched; one boat was swept out to sea and the crew picked up by Lt Cdr Stanley in his Wessex whilst the other managed to make landfall on Busen Point.

    On the morning of 25 April Sante Fe was spotted by Lt Cdr Stanley’s Wessex off Cumberland Bay and attacked with depth charges

  6. The observer was Mentioned in Despatches. He ended up as a Vice Admiral and was the boss of DCDC a couple of years ago.
  7. Sky+'d it the other night and just watching it at the mo. Great skills shown by the aircrew.
  8. ............but not so much for 'Them'?? Didn't come out covered in glory perhaps??
  9. Do give your head a severe shake. Whatever decision led to the team being dropped off on that glacier is now neither here or there. The same team were to cross deck a short period of time after this pick up.

    That helio crashed, leading to the loss of several lives. A few members of the Fortuna Glacier team survived this episode and went on to serve for several years afterwards with distinction and courage.

    You should be ashamed to make such a remark.
  10. So commenting on a completely failed mission makes me somehow shameful, are you some sort of an SF bitch then?

    Get over yourself, even 'they' can make mistakes, remember BravoTwenty?? I suppose you think that was a magnificent example of military glory too.

    No question that in terms of SF 'They' are probably the best there is and without question examples of skill and endurance as well as military perfection abound, but even 'they' are human and imperfection prevails.

    So Alec whatever you call yourself, grow up and stop being brainwashed, you probably care what colour boat houses are too!!.
  11. I believe one of the Wessex 5 pilots was on exchange from the RAF.

    The South Georgia operation was an often overlooked part of the Falklands Conflict, including a few things such as the RN's first use of missiles in anger, the first helicopter/submarine engagement other than in exercises, long range reece missions by Victors to check for Argentine vessels.

    Likewise, the contribution of Lynx, Wasp, Wessex and Sea King helicopters, based not only aboard the carriers but in frigates, destroyers, RFAs and a few STUFT is generally overlooked. A lot of helicopter crews have interesting tales to tell
  12. ....and Scouts with SS11
  13. I think this week's episode will also feature our intrepid naval aviators - Junglies (in Iraq) this time.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    847NAS Lynx squadron.
    Pity they're showing footage of army one's tho...