Helicopter masterclass for airborne medics

RAF medics train to do their job ..............
Nope, guess again.
RAF medics train not to do their job?

I give up, all these RAF RSS feeds should be in the pointless and inane thread.
Exercise Eagles Serpent has seen 16 Medical Regiment (16 Med Regt) troops learning the techniques of working with helicopters, from the basics of the dangers of debris blown up by rotor downwash to the complexities of rigging vehicles and equipment to be carried as underslung loads.

The Colchester-based unit provides medical care and support to 16 Air Assault Brigade, which specialises in using parachutes and helicopters to arrive and move around the battlefield

Proper medics innit
At least read the article before you chopse off, its got pictures an everyfing
Pitchers you say? I may have to have a look then.
Strange though since I remember practicing exactly the same drills in Colchester in 1979 as part of 7 Field Force Field Ambulance. Any unit that moves by helicopter will have learned these drills, they aren't medical they're air mobile drills and are more to do with heli handling than medivac. Still, if they're regurgitating this sort of guff it means nothing serious is happening elsewhere. Meanwhile Logistic Unit practices convoy drills.
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