Helicopter hero commended by Chief Constable

I found this on the Thames Valley Police website and thought he deserved a mention.

Thames Valley Police Chief Constable Sara Thornton has commended an army helicopter pilot for his off-duty heroics while visiting friends in Oxfordshire.

Warrant Officer First Class Jason Steward, from Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, is a helicopter instructor from 9 Regiment Army Air Corps based in North Yorkshire. He has recently returned from Afghanistan.

While staying with friends in Didcot last year, Jason heard the cries of a woman. He looked out to see two women being pursued by a man with a large knife.

He followed them into a house, where one of the women was being attacked. Jason managed to tackle the man, who had the knife raised to stab the woman, disarming him and dragged him away from the victim. He then restrained the attacker until police arrived.

While restraining the assailant, Jason also gave first aid advice to his wife and a neighbour who tended to the victim who had been stabbed seven times.

His bravery and concern undoubtedly saved the life of the injured woman in traumatic and difficult circumstances.

Jason said of his honour: “It is nice to be recognised, and also nice that the police recognise public spiritedness. I was glad we were at the scene and able to help a lady whose life was in danger.”

Jason was presented with his Commendation certificate at ceremony in Drayton, Oxfordshire on Wednesday (22/7) by CC Sara Thornton, who said: “Jason is a hero for serving his country in Afghanistan and was a Thames Valley hero when he saved the life of a young woman who was being viciously attacked by a man armed with a knife.

“It was an honour to commend him and thank him on behalf of the community in Thames Valley.”
Good man!
Well done - not bad for a bloke whos nickname used to be 'Handbag'!! Good effort mucker.
ScouseD said:
Did he tell him he was a pilot first?

Either way, good drills and good on him.
I suspect it was his "Do you know I am a pilot? Let me tell you about the time I was inverted in cloud ........" line of conversation that persuaded the knife wielding maniac to surrender in the first place. :D

I echo the congratulations or previous posters.
Squiggles said:
Very good that his actions have been recognised, but surely worthy of more than a commendation?
I have been down this road.... the commendation is issued but the file can be sent on to (i think) the cabinet office for a further award.

The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Good old J! Not bad for a gwar :D
That's out of order!! I called him 'handbag' but letting everyone know he's a gwar is hideous!! :D
Rooper said:
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Good old J! Not bad for a gwar :D
That's out of order!! I called him 'handbag' but letting everyone know he's a gwar is hideous!! :D
Surely the stench of p*ss and cabbage would have been instrumental in subduing the assailant?? :D

Joking aside, good skills that man!!
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