Helicopter hat

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. Just been watching 'James May's Big Ideas' (very good) on BBC2 and hes looking at different flying machines, specifically personal flying machines. One thing that I really, really want is one of these;

    GEN H4;


    Youtube clip

    Apparently it can go up to about 4500'. Fuck that!
  2. I was hoping, in 7 minutes, to see it go higher, faster ..... or plummet to the ground. Or were they resricted by H&S? I cannot imagine it at 4500'.

    Is Volume 7 any more exciting?

  3. You have to be under 13 stone mind, not a problem for some of us :)
  4. You have to be under 13 stone to get it off the ground?
    Or is that the excuse for the geezer not making the video more exciting?

    Is Flasheart over 13 stone? Cos I'm not! 8O
  5. Aren't they the hello equivalent of a Sinclair C5 though?

    Mind you, I did like the jet belt.
  6. I'll see what i can knock together with some bits i got lying around :wink:
  7. Watching half ton son on 4 now, could be an issue......
  8. A 5 stone 'tummy tuck' FFS and he's only 19!
  9. A lifetime of training on pies and Guiness means that the helicopter hat will always be but a dream. A bit like Rachel Stevens being the next Mrs Link.....I know its there, I just will never be able to get to it. Dreaming of Rachel Stevens is more fun though and more likely to happen more often.
  11. Well you'd struggle to shape it as badly as the one you currently wear. :D

    Lord flasheart, anagram of 'Cat 5 head'
  12. Whole battalion worth of them?