Helicopter Gunship

I panic bought a Russian Hind and am now trying to get rid of it. Anyone got any idea's where to sell it? It doesn't fly, just a display piece

It's on Ebay at the minute but not holding out much hope


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Why not contact one of the big film studios, Pinewood etc. they could use it as a prop/piece of scenery.

What the **** possessed you to buy it in the first place?
No use to me mate, no engines so I can't use it to strafe the chavescum dahn the markee innit!
Next to nothing but want 15k for it mmmmm now if it was in the UK id think about it as a garden ornament but 15k and that far away IM OUT


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says 'reserve not met' - why are you panicking?
I reckon you will get a question from a Nigerian asking if he can send you a cheque for several more thousand than your buy it now price. He will ask you to cash the cheque and then ask you to send the excess to a Western Union account for his "shipping agent".


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I know brilliant buy. Not panicking now, was when I bought it, needed something spectacular for a display.

Sold for a Tenner to legs.
Yay! I'll have it in my garden please. When will you deliver?

Payment on delivery of course. Cash or cheque?
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