Helicopter down in the North sea.

Breaking news on the BBC a helicopter with 16 on board has gone down in the North sea.

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Again? what is it with aircraft crashing this year?
Whiskey_60 said:
Do we know if it's a civvi or a Mil one?
It will be a civvy one servicing the oil platforms.

At least if he got it down ok the weather is good out there at the moment for the rescue. Fingers crossed.


From what I'm hearing it's civ. Nimrod in the overhead, surface vessels on scene. Offshore transit, as Flash says.
Whiskey_60 said:
Do we know if it's a civvi or a Mil one?
Judging by the area it has ditched, chances are its a civvie chopper going out to or returning from a rig offshore somewhere.

fingers crossed for the crew and passengers.
Pprune are saying its a Bond Super Puma and Aberdeen cost guard are carrying out a rescue at the scene, 12 miles north east of Peterhead.
Hopefully the weather isnt too bad in the area. Ive just returned from the Forties field on monday and they arn't issuing plb's anymore to passengers, because apparently they interfere with the main beacon on the helicopter. Or so I was told anyway.
MARITIME AND COASTGUARD AGENCY News Release (55/09) issued by COI News
Distribution Service on 1 April 2009

At just before 2.00 pm this afternoon, Aberdeen Coastguard were informed of a ditched Bond helicopter about 35 miles off the coast of Crimond (between Fraserburgh and Peterhead)
Two helicopters from the RAF (R131 & R 137) have been scrambled to the scene and a Nimrod marine patrol aircraft has been diverted to the area. Aberdeen Coastguard have begun broadcasting a mayday signal into the area. RNLI lifeboats from Peterhead and Fraserburgh are heading for the scene now.
A variety of vessels have immediately responded and the nearest vessel the `Normand Aurora' have launched their fast rescue craft to the scene. It is understood that there are 16 people on board the aircraft.

Notes to Editors
The MCA is a partner in the Sea Vision UK campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the sea and maritime activities. Sea Vision promotes the importance and economic value of the sector and works to highlight the excitin range of activities and career opportunities available to young people within the UK growing maritime sector. http://www.seavisionuk.org


Rigrat, big debate on Pprune re: PLB. I'm about 20 miles up the Moray Firth, and the weather couldn't be more conducive to a successful outcome. Unsurprisingly, the rescue services have chopped to Ch 0.
Question to the informed...

From when the flag goes up, how long is the MCA / RAF response, how long would they aim to be overhead in? Not a shit stirring question - just wondered from the survivability aspects (how long in the water, etc.) - Great that surface vessels are present. Let's all hope for a good outcome, and be thankful for the calm conditions.
Rig supply vessel put a rigid raider in the water in seconds few as they saw the Helo go down, other vessels rushing to scene, Nimrod on station and RAF ASR should be there by now too.

Conditions reported as good.

Daylight ditching, good conditions, fingers crossed.
Not privvy to RAF response times but I would imagine time on target would depend mainly how far out it is.

Whenever the North Sea is less than 10 degrees I think (which is most of the time) they are required to wear immersion suits so time in the water is not going to be too much of an issue.

If the guy up front managed to get it down ok prospects for a good outcome are pretty high.

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