Helicopter Ditces Off Shetland

BBC News - Helicopter carrying 18 ditches near Shetland

Anyone know what the weather is doing up there at the moment?

The Met office have an idea
Weather forecast: Orkney & Shetland
Day 1 to 2
Day 3 to 5
Day 6 to 15
Day 16 to 30

Mainly cloudy and misty with rain developing, some heavy
This Evening and Tonight:

Some brightness away from coasts at first, otherwise cloudy with areas of low cloud and mist. A few showers at first but showery rain spreading northwards and becoming heavy and persistent overnight. Winds easing over Orkney, staying fresh over Shetland. Minimum temperature 11 °C.

Rain likely to affect Shetland for much of the day, heavy at times and staying breezy too. Becoming drier over Orkney with light winds and perhaps some late brightness. Maximum temperature 16 °C.

Updated: 1625 on Fri 23 Aug 2013
I can sprech 4 x languages but can't understand this:

METAR: EGPB 231850Z 14018KT 3400 BR BKN003 15/14 Q1013 TEMPO 5000


Sounds like it could be a bad one. Hope they are all ok.
METAR: Meteorological Airfield Report
EGPB Sumburgh
231850Z Issued on the 23rd at 1850Z
14018KT Wind from 140 degrees true at 18 knots
3400 visibilty 3400 metres
BR in mist
BKN003 cloud broken at 300ft
15/14 temperature 15 Celsius with a dew point (pretty close to being fog) of 14 degress Celsius
Q1013 sea level air pressure of 1013 millibars
TEMPO temporary change of conditions to...
5000 metres
Hope all are safe, news reports only state 10 rescues at the moment.
I never knew you could get 18 ditches in one helicopter, every days a school day.
I think it's a typo. Should have been a 'b' and not a 'd'. It's obviously a New York pimp moving business to a less competitive area.
SAR helo has picked up 9 and topped off in Lerwick.
Seems to have been a Eurocopter Super Puma AS332 L2

Fingers crossed for the other 9.


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The Grauniad is reporting that the chopper is a Super Puma operated by CHC.


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Of the 9 brought back so far, one is a stretcher case, the remaining 8 walked off the rescue flight.


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BBC are now reporting that 15 people have been recovered and that 3 remain unaccounted for.
Northlink car-ferries HJALTLAND & HELLIAR are on scene sailing search squares off Ladys Holm Island to the west of Sumburgh Airport. RNLI Lifeboat 17-10 is searching the bay off Virkie whilst SAR Helo 2161 has returned from Lerwick on a heading 246º @ 59kts.


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Thanks for all the PM's but I'm fine.

A ******* Super Puma eh, we got a notification last week saying they were bringing them back into service. To prove how confident they were with them they were doing a courtesy flight, or some shite, by a senior pilot to an installation somewhere and he would answer any questions and reassure the workforce etc how the Super Puma was awesome etc etc

I guess this will hopefully be the end of the Super Puma in the North Sea. The tight cnuts should replace them with S92s.
S92's are the ones to use, just costs more is all and we all know the operators never let cost get in the way of safety...........
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