Helicopter Ambulancing

cupoftea said:
I've seen RAF Chinooks doing casevac on the news but does the UK have an equivalent to the dedicated 'Dust-off' squadrons of the Spams? Is it only the Chinooks that do it for us in theatre?


Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to have dedicated 'Dust Off' units. One would like to think that current ops may make people think though as they are becoming hugely important assets. The quandary is, if you have limited aircraft, what is your priority? Insertions and extractions of troops or FAME?
You would for defo need a supplier such as Air Ambulance Technology http://www.airambulancetechnology.com, Lifeport http://www.lifeport.com or Metro Aviation http://www.metroaviation.com or Air Methods http://www.airmethods.com to complete the interior with the appropriate equipment and stretchers. Think its Lifeport that did the Irish Air Corps EC-135P2 EMS interior.

Think for the US Army's HH-60L LifeHawks that it is Lifeport does the EMS interior and mod, revolving carousel with stretchers, defribilators, life support, oxygen, ecg etc etc .

The SHit Hook be good ideally as a Medevac Dust off cos of the space so the quacks can walk around and work on each patient and with the right EMS equipment. So too would be the Merlin.

I used to work with the providing maintenance and support and design to EMS ops here in UK, mainly with BO-105. :)
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