Heliborne hog hunt

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Bilbo-K, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. How much fun does this look? Shame about the music

  2. I agree about the music,what ammo is he using? looks awesome!
  3. It looks inhumane.

    I dont have a problem with shooting the wild piggies but at least make sure it's a kill and not a wounded animal, that knobbers using buck and not slug, if he can't drop it with slug he shouldnt be doing it all.
  4. Looks like its SG
  5. Looked pretty effective to me - SG or buck will do the job at short ranges

    Better than a lot of the septics who do this using ARs
  6. It looked like they were still running even after a hit across the shoulders which with buck won't stop a big boar.

    You want a lung shot or head shot not peppering it with buck and hoping for the best, it may be legal in the US to shoot wild pigs with anything but it doesnt make it a cool thing to do.
  7. Yeah, thats buckshot. Only a complete twunt would shoot like that.

    He should not be shooting from/at a moving anything as he clearly hasnt got the hang of it.

    I remember seeing a South African video of a guy who was shooting big game (antelope?) from a helicopter using a rifle.
    He was a bloody brilliant shot with it too.
  8. This is being done as pest control, so animal welfare if probably secondary...as it says in the intro feral pigs do huge amounts of damage to growing and standing crops

    Given the size of these farms in Australia shooting from a helicopter is probably the only way of making a dent in the piggy population.

    SG will do the job at what appear to be ranges of nom more than 20-25m. There are (depending on cartridge) 9 x 8.3mm solid lead balls doing circa 1300-1500 fps. At that range on average half of them are likely to hit the animal. Solid lead balls doing that speed penetrate an awfully long way...they go all the way through big fallow buck at that distance (I know piggies are tougher)

    By the way I think that bloke is quite a good shot he doesnt miss many...
  9. Thats not Oz it's the US, you can tell that from the self loader with the extended mag tube and the linked videos showing him posing with an armalite. The two being banned in OZ quite possibly because of fears about trigger happy tools with helicopters.

    Australians might do it by helicopter but they are ******* good shots and professional hunters.

    The blokes a cock, I don't care if it's pest control or not, it's not a mouse or cockroach it's a large fairly intelligent animal.

    And no he isn't a good shot.
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  10. Pig Hunting from a Helicopter [[[ Music by JAG Camp ]]] - YouTube
    Intro to video - This video is pass to me from friends in Memphis who went hunting in Australia
    for wild pigs. These pigs are pests but they were eaten. Some amazing shots!
  11. Don't be a fibbing tool.

    You have had it explained to you why that's not Oz, thats why you picked a video with the comments disabled so you wouldnt be shown to be fibbing.
  12. Read the ******* intro to the video posted on youtube...that is what I based the fact that it is in Australia

    And by the way as I understand it a semi auto shotgun is a category D firearm...restricted to govt agencies and occupational shooters...I dont know about you but somebody who uses a helicopter to shoot pigs is probably doing it as job
  13. So as a foreign tourist you can't use one.

  14. Mmmm........thought I recognised the clip but different music.

    Pig Shooting from Chopper ( Helikopterden domuz avi) - YouTube

    Buzz, I don't know where the clip was shot, it appears that the clip has been uploaded several times by different people, but professional shooters in Australia can have access to semi-automatic rifles and shot guns under the various state licensing systems.