Heli Expo 2012 Dallas - photos

Snowy drive to LHR and only to find Dallas wasn't so much warmer a few weeks back so again here the fruits of ma labour :)



Ta dude.

I like the Hind, did ya sit in it, did ya? I've always wanted to have a cabby in one and I've never even seen one in the flesh.
should do that over here then ;)

On a more serious note, any of the subjects of my lens, could be suitable candidates for the summer of sport in London? ? :)
There is something about the Hind that gets attention....must be all the Rambo movies. :)
I knew about them before Rambo mate.

Whilst I like them I think the reality is that I would be saddened by a "Geeky" encounter with one. Unless they have changed dramatically whilst they are pretty bulletproof and look sheksy they cannot do a static hover, produce more black smoke than a badly operating Mack truck and are slow to respond to manouvere commands. I had all the open source pics and tech specs I could get my grubby mitts onto back in the 80's together with a mate from the slime I was drawing up plans to build a huge scale model along the lines of the miltra models.

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