HELI EXPO 2009 pics

Went to Heli Expo 2009 in Anaheim (as I am member of the Helicopter Association International) back in Feb here's my pic reports :)

Wisonsin Army National Guard UH-60M

Phil Connolly's AH-1S which should be flying around the North West with G-UH1H on the airshow circuit later this year

Can't remember the company (even though they stayed in our digs) that did up this UH-1B back in original Seawolf colors (the Seawolves borrowed Army UH1Bs in Vietnam before taking DELIVERY UH-1E and HH-1K).

LAPD's finest

Kuwaiti EMS new MD902 operated by United Aviation

LA Fire Dept new AW139

Pima County Sheriff MD530F

Things seem to have moved on a bit since my days on the mighty Sioux AH1

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