Helen Skelton Flashing at olympics Parade

Helen obliged the nation with the aide of a gust of wind (anyone got a pic)
Sorry, I missed it - I switched off when the fecking Pet Shop Boys came on. Has Sir Paul finished his set yet? Is it safe to come back for a letch?
At least she had matching grundies on

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Any bush or labia showing?
Her legs are a bit like an olympic medal - love them round my neck


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About as exciting as those blokes arse in HK handing over the colony. 1 B(l)ack Watch, wasn't he?
The next thread might be 'Fiona Bruce accidentally shows her piss-flaps and Californian trim box-admin on Antique Roadshow' and see if anyone can google the pic. You'll get plenty of hits - perhaps advertise that old smock or a gong to a Walt.

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