Helen Grant Tory candidate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chef, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. The tory party have taken on Mrs H Grant as their first black woman candidate.

    She was and may still be a member of the labour party.

    She is a lawyer.

    She would appear to be willing to go with anyone who will give her a seat.

    She is still a lawyer.

  2. Found it chef! Now, can i have 2 sausages for breakfast tomorrow?
  3. I don't see the relevance of any of the following:

    She is black
    She is female
    She is a lawyer

    I understand the relevance of the fact that she was and, you say, still may be, a member of the labour party. That is something her electorate might rightly consider. But the other three things?

    Also, and concerning the party thing, it didn't do one WS Churchill too much harm to his reputation, did it?
  4. Same old, same old.......... they are all corupt as fuk!
  5. Is she the first politician that switched parties for a better chance of election?

    Is she the first politician to be nominated as a PPC who is a lawyer?

    I removed your first offensive attempt on this topic Chef, I'm wondering why exactly you're trying to start a topic on this?
  6. Chef,
    you seem to have turned into a liberal! :D
    no mention/criticism of her being a 'half-breed' this time?
  7. I can! I detest lawyers. Parliament is full of them - not like in the old days. People of words - not deeds. Utterly unsuitable to govern.
  8. Broad sweeping statements are all very well, but, for example,


    Similarly one might consider the politics students who become MP's researcher assistants etc, who then become candidates and then MPs. That is, politicians who have never had a real job of any sort.

    On the other hand there may be other MPs who have had other jobs, but who are entirely detestable in their own right. I can think of several.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    She is also a single mum so ticks just about every box for call me dave's inclusivity party. I'm all for women, they do have uses but not at the expense of the right person for the job.
    Pretty soon say about 20 years there will be no white males in Parliament or in fact even white females!
  10. Absolutely right.
    The fact she is a lawyer is relevant, as you say Parliament s full of the bloody creatures and probably the reason the country is being strangled by un-necessary, cumbersome legislation that serves nobodyother than government and creates more employment for all their lawyer chums.
  11. ...and pretty de rigeur on Arrse. There's an art to keeping a thread going and yet exploring all the issues and baiting the original poster into delaring their agenda.

    It involves humour and irony (and that's why we have a multinational forum where we keep the irony to a minimum). Schoolmasterly scatter-bomb posts like yours kill threads. Stop it.
  12. From her web page-

    Born in London to a single mum, Helen was brought up on the Raffles council estate in Carlisle for most of her early childhood. She attended the local comprehensive school and quickly showed sporting talent, becoming captain of the school tennis and hockey teams, and representing the County in Hockey, Tennis, Athletics, and Cross-Country. She later became under-16 Judo Champion in North of England and Southern Scotland . Helen moved on to obtain a law degree at the University of Hull, undertook solicitors' finals at the College of Law in Guildford and qualified as a solicitor in 1988.

    Brought up in Raffles? she'll be as hard as nails, fecking shithole of a place
  13. Not a scatterbomb post, simply suggesting you should consider what is relevant and what is not. There are some good lawyers and some shoite ones. Ditto accountants, barbers, candlestick makers, etc etc.

    A candidate needs to be judged on his or her individual merits. I'm not saying this one is great (I don't know her) but she is not bad because she is black, or female, or a lawyer.

    Also, I fecking hate schoolmasters!
  14. I have no objection to having a thread censored, But surely it is only fair to either publicly say why or Pm the originatorto explain why it is deemed offensive and why it has happened?
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    WSC certainly jumped ship more than once during his long political career!
    Mind you he isnt a single mum, black, female or a lawyer. He was a former army officer and proud of it!