Heinz close HP sauce factory

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Bloody shame. How will a nation who put 'chocolate sprinkles' on just about everything, appreciate the sauce that is brown.
  2. I hope you got that from a reliable sauce.
  3. On the bright side, I am looking forward to extra "special" ingredients and a good dutch logo should be interesting.

  4. I would imagine the only ones who actually notice will be the poor sods who have lost their jobs.
  5. Indeed, not quite so exciting for them

  6. With the joking aside, it's a bloody shame that there will be families now wondering what the future holds. Why the move? Are the Dutch now considered cheap labour? I can't remember there being a market for brown sauce on the Continent.
  7. HP Sauce and Worcesteresterestershire Sauce are readily available in Dutch/German supermarkets and I would imagine without doing long and boring research that an existing factory in NL will just be throwing out another line as in HP Sauce.

    Spam is no longer produced in the UK (no complaints there), Burberry is trying to body swerve and now HP Sauce.

    As I said the only ones who will actually notice are those losing their jobs and this is just a symptom of globalization. Black and Decker moved their operations from Germany to the NE of England so there are winners as well as losers.

    But I'm sure that's no comfort to those in the HP sauce factory.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I believe they are combining it with one of there other production lines in NL. Sauce will still be the same just made elsewhere. Sadly for those workers the nature of modern business.
  9. I feel that you should do some boring research into this, if only to provide a some statistics. You are very well aware that here on ARRSE, no one believes a word unless there is statistical evidence to support it.
  10. Give them a ring mate +448000724090
  11. I for one shall not be purchasing HP sauce / Terry Oranges / Dyson Vacuums etc.

    A small protest but if enough of us used consumer power, companies may think twice before betraying their workforce.
  12. All in Dutch but it confirms that HP Sauce will be produced at the factory at Elst where they already chuck out Heinz Tomato Sauce for the whole of Europe.

  13. Correct - hit them in the wallet. After this bottle of HP sauce is gone that's it - no more.
  14. Or start a petition.

    That probably won't work either.