Height restrictions on armoured vehicles ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SneakyTeen, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. are there any height restrictions on any of the armoured vehicles, the reason i ask is because 2 mercian is my local regiment and i was wondering if that regiment is out of the question ??
  2. how tall are you?
  3. 6'7" !!
  4. Feck me what do you eat for breakfast? Plutonium?
  5. Well you're not gonna fit in the turret of a CVR(T), WR has a little more room but not much.

    I'm 5'10" and I was never really comfortable in either.
  6. yeah, mercians is out of the question then :D, oh and plutonium laced cornflakes with a splash of radioactive moonjuice FTW.
  7. You're going to struggle in any of the vehicles as well, height restrictions will come in to these at training, most of the UK kit is made for the '95th percentile' man, and at 6' 7" you're unfortunately in the other 5%.
  8. Don't let the above put you off mate, you can still be an extra in the next Lord of the Rings film as a giant Troll.
  9. hahahahah
  10. Are you assuming that the route for you is vehicle crew? What's wrong with being a dismount? I think that you'll find that your natural ability for providing top cover is going to pretty much ensure where you will be in the vehicle!
  11. Top cover? at 6 foot 7 he could provide feckin AIR cover!
  12. PMSL !! that was my backup if i didnt make it into the army, my first choice was frodo but they wernt accepting 6'7" blak dudes so i backed down, im not really that bothered about armoured regiments as a whole, i was just wondering if my local regiment was out of the question.

    Oh and i noticed that you said most of the kit is made for 95% so that leaves some of the kit to be made for the 5% :D
    Thanks for the replys.
  13. Surely, a career in the Guards as right marker beckons! :D

  14. Will my height affect me in any other ways during my career ??

  15. There will always be something, although i'm not getting images of you sat in a vector in full kit, your neck will need to be double jointed :lol: