Height Requirement for jobs/trades

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bigdumps, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    As a short arrse, (5ft 4) I am curious to know whats jobs are open to me, as I believe you have to be a certain height for some jobs.

    Thanks :)
  2. I think that makes you 160cm? If so, I've been told all jobs are open as long as you are more than 158cm! Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near that, so am quite limited on mine, but good luck to you!
  3. 158cm? I mean, why is the height minimum requirement from 158cm?

    I understand that in some jobs height is important, and I also understand that it may be difficult for someone who is 5ft 0 ...
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    No they took away height requirements so women could do all jobs, it just meant that the women who could do them, did, and those who couldn't/struggled looked stupid.

    Height helps, an extra step in the trench takes time to dig, etc....

    ACIO should be able to say if there are still any restrictions.
  5. Well atleast you won't bang your head ;) If there was a height limit i'd be close
  6. 158cms divided by 2.54 = 62.2 inches or a gnat's knacker over 5ft 2ins.

    5ft 4ins = 162.5cms.

    I thought information on our physical requirements would be on the Army's website, but it isn't and a search for "height" produced nothing!

    The reason for a height, weight and BMI restriction is that you have to be able to operate equipment and undertake all the tasks allotted to your trade. For example, the world's tallest man (see this morning's news) would not fit into any of our armoured vehicles and could only be usefully employed as a flagpole or a right marker on the parade ground!

    If you read the tables here:

    Scottish Health Information

    Halfway down Table 5.2, you will find the figures for women aged 16-24, which show:

    Mean = 164.1cms
    5th percentile = 154.9cms
    95th percentile = 175.2cms

    Those figures tell you that if you are under 154.9cms, then you are outside the standard 90th percentile (for Scottish women) and the Services might not employ you. Similarly, a female of more than 175cms might not get a look in - except that the same figure for a man is 187cms - so she would get in!

    So, 5ft 4ins is good! And I am told that everything nice comes in small packages! :twisted: If you are concerned, talk to your local ACIO; they will have the exact figures.

    Finally, just remember to find one of those tall men to partner you around the assault course, otherwise that 3.66m wall (12ft in old money) will remain impassable! :twisted:

  7. minimum height for any jobs that require you to drive a military veh is 155cm. There are jobs for those that fall below that height but they are limited.
    As mentioned before, go into your nearest AFCO/ACIO and they can print the list of jobs that do not have a height restriction. (the list is quiet small)
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Regimental Mascot :?
  9. MLRS pull through?
  10. Mascot ha!

    About the wall, seriously, how would I get over it!?

    I imagine I would have to leapfrog off someones back lol

    Cheers all, appreciated.
  11. Planning, preparation and two tall friends!

  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You heard of Dwarf Tossing?


    Team GB are the world champions and always need training aids...
  13. US lanky buggers have to chuck the little ones over, and then pull ourselves over. It's an outrage ;) Extra muscular work needed :(
  14. It appears to be jobs that require driving that start at 158cm, I'm 5ft 0, so can only do about 10 jobs! But thats ok, my first and second choice are there anyway.
  15. Spot on T-T, just like the BMI of 17-28 these things have to have limits for trainability reasons and not to victimise people. If you cant reach the pedals and need stilts or need to be greased up to get in a turret because of your size it would cost the Army a fortune. Had a 16 year old who was under 4ft 6 come in the office once and I thought his 12 year old brother brother looked older. Quite embarassing digging myself out the hole has I said his younger brother was nearly old enough to join cadets and the 16 year old couldnt join for a few years till he was nearly 12 :oops: