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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Just been a lovely item on the local BBC lunchtime news... "MOD breaking its own low-flying guidelines".

    It went on to explain how 4 Apache helicopters flew across part of Lincolnshire at a height of 30 feet yesterday, and the startled old horserider (70 if he was a day) could "see the pilots eyes as they flew past him".


  2. "The noise when it came over was horrendous". No my friend, I think you'll find that is the sound of peace.

    Why on earth should training for the defence of the realm defer to a very small group of people whose hobby is riding around on a bulk buy of future dog meat? Are they really so self-centred and narrow-minded as to not see that there are more important things in the world than donkey walloping? It 's worth bearing in mind that horse-riding is responsible for more admissions to casualty than any other sport or leisure activity, so the idiots fall off whether there's an aircraft nearby or not. What's more, its nearly always during working hours when this kind of thing is alleged to occur; working hours for everyone but horseriders that is, who clearly have too much time on their hands.

    Incidentally, I've been at staff for a couple of years now. We're not really limited to 100 ft are we?
  3. He can see behind the HMD now thats clever.
  4. He could at least give the hired help a name... :roll:
  5. Watch out - the thought police will be after you!
  6. VaeViso - note 100' Unless specifically authorised. 9 regt have just been on ex and I'm sure normal rules still apply, they were probably authed to fly "not above 50'"! If you hold the line I'll call the SQHI.
  7. What colour were they then??? 8O

  8. Yeah we should have a sign under all aircraft that reads, "If you can read this please phone 0800 GO F@CK YOURSELF"
  9. As I thought there is not a 100' rule as the article suggests. A/C can still be authed down to ground level for training (and these guys were training for some very serious and imminent stuff).

    We should send their kids some opium so they can have a rethink about complaining.
  10. Isn't there some urban legend about a tornado pilot who commented to his nav. about how close the shadow was as they flew down a road, somewhere in the 1st trip to the gulf? Then he caught the wingtip on the road... ooops! BANG!!!!
  11. Jags and Mirages? Were they French? Doesn't matter I suppose. Very, very impressive! Respect!
  12. serious respect for those frongs bloody impressive flying! proper hickup and get wet height
    sort of stuff my old man did in the buccaneers 8O
  13. Just watched lincolnshire BBC news here and they had CO 3 on, gave a good account and pointed out that we don't just waz around below 100' for no reason, if in fact they had. Interestingly they then ran a text vote with Jo Public voting 32% against flying below 100' and 68% for!