Heider CF1 Super Torch

Boys and Girls,

The Heider CF1 Super Torch. Heider CF1 Super Power a bloody good torch but Please Please do not buy it from this company, they offer free shipping but you get hammered with import duty if you are in Europe, they will not refund, they say they will but the won't. Please forward onto any sites that would benifit from this warning.


Do you know of a good place to get one in Blighty?

I have a crazy-expensive diving torch and can't see anything more elaborate than 5p o-rings keeping the water out so i wanted to get one of these on the cheap and see if it gets turned inside out at 35m. I figure i can stand to spend the equivalent of $50 finding out.



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ebay - and a lot cheaper, the chassis is used for several ratings churned out by china

I got 2 7w for 8 quid which run on single AA or the fancy rechargable batteries. there is a more expensive version which has the multiswitch high-low-flash.

water resistant rather than waterproof I reckon as its just threads and o rings as usual and the front end has a focus slider which I think is a weak point. could probably be sealed though.

first led torch I've had where you can focus it and see the led layout on the wall you are pointing at.
do not buy from metem/HEIDER.Torches are not as they say (1000 meters, 700 metri..bullshit).Shipping isn't free, there are always customs fees; and if you're lucky your tax refund customs takes place after 2 months.They are very bad seller.There are torches better than heider and there are sellers better than those liars

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