Heidelburg, Germany

I did mate, for 2 years but for 9 months of it I was in Sarajevo. It is a fantastic place, NATO HQ but American driven, massive PX, 24 bottles of beer for what was then $10 not to mention cheaper food. Downside was that (if you are married) there is no quarter patch other than Wiesloch which has about 10 houses in a street occupied by Brits. If you have anymore specific question PM me and I can answer. All in all though highly recommended.
Sorry was on a time edge before but me kid is back in the cupboard.

Heidelberg is a great place very distant and different from the BFG you may or may not have experienced. It's a class posting that is seldom heard about. Personally I found it better than Cyprus and Canada. There are no 'squaddie bars' and you are in amongst the Germans more than you will be if in the Brit sector. Not saying that is better but some people miss it. I did when I first arrived.

Single, there are no accommodation blocks. The Americans have them but you can never be expected to share with them. I shit in a bog and the shit scrapes don't bother me, Americans like cleanliness. So you get put in a German private hiring (house) which will be a great house, sharing with equals but be careful. There were so many who let rip, drank and fucked up. By all means enjoy it but your neighbours are German and they don't take kindly to the British soldier behaviour. They are not as experienced as the Northern German when it comes to Brits. That said, be nice, like them and they are great fantastic people.

Married, I said about the quarters. The biggest collection of english families is Wiesloch where you get a 4 storey house. This includes the cellar which you can live in but may not be decorated. If you coose to, or you may have to, go somewhere else through quarter non availability then your neighbours may be say; one brit a few houses away or germans either side and all around . There is a small primary school there, OFSTED inspected but if you have kids at junior secondary level then it's either boarding in Rhine D or the stars and stripes chorus before semester begins.

Have more dollars in your pocket when you go as thats the currency you need most. Everything from ground beef to a brand new PC is well cheap. The PX complex is massive, NIKE trainers at $17 in some cases when they have a sale. The only thing is American bread. It tastes shite and is not baked like ours. The UK Sp used to bring some down frozen from Rhine D and you had to order it 2 weeks in advance. When unfrozen it tasted shite. May seem irrelevant but there was a number of wives who wrote letters to 1* level concerning the unavailability of Brit bread despite all the other luxuries. What amazed me was that all the American fresh meat was flown from the States in less than a day so when on the display counter it was fresh.

In the PX complex the foodhalls are a little America. Taco Bell, Burger King, etc etc. This is true.....when in Sarajevo a SSG who worked for me asked his wife to order some chicken, to give it to the APO (BFPO equivalent) as priority. He timed it so well that the chicken arrived warm(ish)

If you can't tell yet, then I recommend the place. Hope it helps but ask if you anything burning. Oh, the LOA rate is higher than up North lad.

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