Hefners Losing it

Says today in the more reputable of websites that Hugh Hefner has offered [again ] a sizeable sum to have the Olsen Twins pose for Playboy [not that they would, as the girls are no longer getting along and, besides, they hardly need the money as they are worth gazillions anyway ], but, it got me thinking that that's one issue of the w@nkmag I'd skip...

Olsen Twins, Paris Hilton and her assorted ditzy coterie [ Nicole Ritchie, Looney Lohan et al ] Might be Hef's onto something... Instead of guys paying bucks to see hotties in his mag, he'll get guys to pay him not to stick crap bimbo's in the centrefold.

So, who is on your list of " No thanks, I'd rather gouge my eyes out ' list.

I'm up for Ellen Degenerate and Callista Flockheart to be given a pass...

oh, I'd add stickfigure Kiera Knightley and that broom handle that played the latest incarnation of Lois Lane in the last lame Superman go round..

no thanks.. there's better out there..
Bonnie Langford, Natasha Kaplinsky, Catherine Tate and Hazel Irvine.
Best of British edition or Aunties late bloomers
Stokey said:
Elsie Tanner

[Tangent mode..on]

Did you know that Pat Phoenix aka Elsie Tanner was Tony Blairs mother in law?

Not a lot of people know that...or are interested for that matter.

[Tangent mode..off]

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