Heffers take the piss outta Aussie SAS bod.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KennySte, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Caught the back end of a news story today about a couple of TV presenters on a shite TV programme called "The Circle" taking the piss out of the Aussie SAS bloke who won the VC a couple of years back.
    The TV people in question referred to this bloke as thick, and apparently more, but I didn't get the full story as said.
    Caught a pic of said presenter, and she can really call anyone thick as she must weigh as much as a whale butty.
    Just another example of the media and public in general not understanding the military. SAS bloke "thick" yeah right.
    Anyone else catch this story?

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  2. jib-jab - see down the page...

  3. Had a check on search, nothing seen...

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  4. Whales? Better keep Yumi Stynes away.
  5. In the Australian room.
  6. Not your fault, if the fella who started the other thread had titled it better, instead of calling it Roberts-Smith VC "mocked" on channel 10's the Circle you might have stood a chance.
  7. Is that a hint of sarcasm mate? TBH I'm at work wasting time, using Arrse on my mobile.
    Sorry I didn't live up to your high standards, I'm of to sit in the corner and think of what I've done.

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  8. Precious cunt.
  9. Not really, just don't see why people have to be smarmy bastards all the time...If Naffi then yeah, but not in the adult rooms.

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  10. *NAAFI
  11. Cheers fella, mong fingers @ 0:30hra

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  12. Still no pics of said heffer, standards Gentlemen.
  13. More than a hint, mate. I'll note your sensitivity to adverse comments, and try not to upset you again.
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  14. Not at all, though she does have that giveaway Aussie bird 'borderline mental patient' look about her.
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