Heel Pain

I'm sure that this os not the first time someone has asked this question, and I'm also sure that some of the old salts on here will have some answers....

I've expericenced some heel pain (bruised heels) after some particularly long periods of time up on my feet. I'm now looking for some decent insoles to a) reduce the pain b) Prevent it worsening.

Any expericences you have and direction to go would be a great help....

if its plantar fascitis it might be worth finding out if your local hospital does steroid injections into the heel to reduce the inflammation.
If it isn't medically wrong i can say from experience Sorbothane insoles. I wear British Issue boots for my current job and i had heel and knee problems brought some Sorbothane insoles and they do what they say. p.s you should go for full inner soles.

I had a thing called heel spurs, basically there a calcium growth on your heel, they hurt like fukc, they may clear on ther own,as mine did, but check it out with the Doc.
I had arthritis in my heels during basic. Caused by banging the foot in hard during drill - that was with insoles. You need to be sure you've rested properly. I was never troubled with it again so I put it down to experience - like saddle sores.

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