Heel blisters whilst tabbing

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by The_Seagull, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Having started doing some serious training for the Para's 10 next month I've started running in boots, as well as tabbing around the Beacons.

    Problem is I'm getting heel blisters like a Saturday night slapper!

    I'm currently wearing Lowa Combat GTX's with Bridgedale medium thickness socks. I wear this combination on work all day (and no, I'm not an office jockey) and it gives me no grief at all, even on long periods of foot patrol, but as soon as I start speeding up/climbing/carrying weight they start rubbing like buggery.

    Any ideas?
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It will involve trial and error:

    1. Thin smear of vaseline on heels to minimise friction.

    2. Thin liner socks under your Bridgedales

    3. Zinc oxide tape

    4. Compeed to allow you to continue to tab on exisiting blisters. Just ensure you soak the compeed off as soon as you are finished. In theory you can leave it on and the blister will heal underneath. In practice, you will end up with a damp, soft piece of skin under it which will come off at some stage leaving raw flesh!

    5. Lace tighter into the heel cup to limit heel movement.
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  3. Cheers T_D, most helpful. I was also considering investing in some 1000 mile liner socks to stick under my bridgedales.
  4. Different things for different people.

    I have a pair of Sorbothane Double Strike Insoles in my Lowas with a raised forefoot, heel and arch to help with over pronation, and my feet feel awesome in them. They just dont move about at all.

  5. The_Duke's advice is spot on.

    I use Zinc Oxide tape on my heels, and Vaseline between my toes, with liner socks underneath my thicker socks (works the same in principle as the 1000 mile socks - which I am not so keen on as they seem to work their way off the end of my foot and I look like I did as a kid when I took my wellies off to find 8" of sock off the end of my foot). I recently completed 50+ miles in one day and only got blisters forming on the last 5-7 miles, which I thought was pretty good (admittedly I was changing socks when I could and re-applying the tape etc.)

    The only other thing I have heard about is soaking your feet with Surgical Spirit, which I have not really tried properly.

    Are you sure that your boots fit properly? It sounds like you may have too much play in the heels of your boots, which could cause the problem. The liner socks and tape may help with this.


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  6. I used to use zinc oxide but there is also a product called Tippy Toes, which is a greasy white cream you put on your feet to help stop the friction. Vaseline works just as well and is used by many other serious runners.
  7. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Good old vaseline and white spirit. Keep on tabbing Head down Arrse up. Airborne Easy.
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Old boots and a 2nd pair of socks, zinc oxide tape for running repairs, tincture of methiolate for first aid.

    But it sounds like your boots are the prob tbh...
  9. Zinc oxide, vaseline, and properly fitting boots with circulation cutting tightness so you cant feel any blisters you do get. xD
  10. Tinc Benz' (sold as 'Friars Balsalm' in most pharmacies) is useful to make the Zinc Oxide tape adhere better, and seems to minimise really deep blisters. Just apply a very thin layer on areas you are taping and wait a moment. ZO tape sticks to it like fck.

    Didn't some perverse types used to inject the stuff into blisters to get them to heal? fck that! 8O
  11. Touching on what The Duke said about tying your laces tight to prevent heel cup movement, look at better insoles with a deep heel cup and arch to hold your foot in place.

    As Milesy suggested, Sorbothanes are good (both double strike and the new orthotic sorbothanes) and I find SOLE custom insoles are great.


    You bang them in the over for 2 mins, put them in your boots and theY mould to the shape of your feet - a custom fit for £35. This stops your feet sliding about, which in turn prevents blisters.
  12. Tinc- Benz was always the order of the day when i was doing daft things. It is a definite test of your pain management. But i would recommend it if you can still get it.

    Also,soak your feet in Potassium Permanganate over a period of time,it will harden your skin.

    Remember not to remove the dead skin of your blister until the new skin underneath has hardened a bit.

    Good luck with the training fella.
  13. The skin on my feet is as soft as a babys arrse due to years of skin problems being treated with various steriod creams so most tapes wont stick to them. I just put zinc oxide tape on my heels and wrapped electrical tape round them to stop my socks pulling the tape off. Issue socks and, until recently, issue boots with issue insoles. As has been said it takes a bit of trail and error but you will find your method eventually.

  14. Get some Friars Balsalm (Tinc Benz) and paint a little on the areas to be covered with ZO. I can pretty much guarantee that you won't be able to rip ZO off once treated with it. It really is very good, and if you do get a little blister under the tape the Tinc Benz seems to cauterise it and prevent it getting worse.