Heeeelp Leaconsfield

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tachyon, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody helpme. Im currently serving in a reme battalion, but have not completed my c+e and because my trade (technical storeman) is changing. it requires that i do my licences. i hate driving :( , and know i cant get away from that, but will i have to parade etc with phase 2 recruits, as i am still a cfn. any info on lecce appreciated..
  2. im in your boat aswell son

    been in an infantry battalion nearly a year,done a 6 month tour in iraq

    and ive been put on cat b driving, which will probably mean i get sent to leconsfield , if theres no places for the local area BSM

    from what ive heard in battalion its meant to be shite and you get treated like a recruit again... marching round camp etc

    fcuk that.
  3. Leconfiled Eh! What a shithole.

    Dont worry too much though, If you're already serving in a unit you will be classed as phase 3 (even though you're technically not "phase anything" cos you're trained soldiers). You may learn Cat C + E along side phase 2's but you wont live with them, do PT with them or get treated like them. You should be in seperate accomodation and apart from bedcheck and RSM's inspections you'll get left alone. Make sure the DS know you're "Phase 3" or you might get lost in the recruits slipstream! There 'undreds of 'em!

    The Infantry/miscellanious Cat B course is totally seperate as its run by a civilian firm, you'll have to march around and wear Gay overalls but its a lot less hassle and you'll be out in a couple of weeks.
  4. Last time I was a LECONFIELD....please note...no "s", everyone below the rank of Sgt paraded before start work for an inspection. Us Crabs used to avoid it at the start, but we were soon roped in.
  5. swerve wearing grey coveralls, look like choggie prisoners!
  6. hmm leccy, what a place! i went there to do c and c+e, i had already served 3 years, yet i still got treated like a recruit. room inspections, kit inspections, marching in troops, marching in down time, curfews at weekends, and sh!t blue overalls. you'll love it!
  7. There's a whole thread here.

  8. I was there about 8-12 months ago...was a tip then (and even a dropshort WO2 BSM got roped into the parades et al!!).

    A good mate of mine went there last month...Was a tip then too.

    It's a lovely place, filled with lovely civvies who try their damndest to scam you out of bedding/money.

    Oh, a little tip... take a shaggin' duvet! Much f**king easier on block inspections than the old itchies and bed blocks!

    Oh, and did I mention that even phase 3 pte/crafties/etc do guard there? It's not fun! (especially when you get forced to do 3 more stags AFTER you'd gone man down on the main gate! seriously, it happened to me!)
  9. Coveralls (or "romper" suits ) got binned thank god last year.
    So much nicer to see all that green and blue with rank showing clearly.
    From what feedback I've heard there's a lot less Ph3's getting shouted at by mistake now.