Heeeeelp - Scenario for Imber Village

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Woof, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I have been tasked by my OC to create a Scenario for an Ex based in Imber Village, we will be operating as Security Forces out of a Imber Court at Coy level.

    We have CIVPOL who will occupy the remainder of the village and Russian interpreters.

    Can anyone help? Does anyone have previous Scenario's to let me know where to start?

    As always, all help greatly appreciated.


  2. Im guessing that you are Dukes, and will be playing CIVPOP. the easiest thing to do is have the village under enemy control with the main buildings around the square being HQ's, and pockets of resistance spread out thinly on the outskirts ready to fall back into more heavily defended positions, bearing in mind you also have the hill with the observation platform to use aswell for snipers etc.
    Ensure that you have your CIVPOP cutting about as usual until the attack starts and then send them into hiding to test the Ex Forces OBUA and room clearance drills. Imber is a good starting point and you can make alot of interesting scenario's (although Copehill Down is much better), just remember to give the enemy a reasonable amount of freedom as to what they want to do and spur of the moment scenario changes.
  3. I'd suggest the scenario of RETREATING through Imber. Local population with better local knowledge seeing the way that the tide is turning and wishing to ingratiate themselves with their forthcoming masters! Thus you are faced with unformed enemy on one side and some (but not all) of the local population as hostiles on the other side. Gets better when you are told that you have to hold the village, regaining those parts you have already given up.

    Although you have maps, they don't show the sewer system. You will need to allocate troops to recce these while still fighting off the enemy and trying to win hearts and minds. It's further complicated when you realise that you are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the local inhabitants!
  4. You can easy win the locals hearts and minds over with some jelly, ice cream and red balloons........

    Theres a good pre deployment brief to be had here http://www.tafsc.com/Imbersoul5.htm

  5. Don't remember the NAAFI wagon having jelly. And as for having 99 luft ballons.... ;)
  6. Your mission should be to crush the practice of incest in Imber village. Tasks could include forcible collection of DNA samples, toe counting surveys (even number good, odd number bad) and the capture of the incest practitioners leader. He could be played by a CIVPOP member wearing a papier mache head on one shoulder.

    If you have engr support, you could task them with the digging of a mass grave behind Imber Court. Your padre should be tasked with the elimination of satanism, particularly satanic child abuse.

    I could go on but the men in white coats are knocking at the door...ooh and call it Exercise MOONRAKER
  7. I take it your the weirdo that lives in the flat above the post office at Imber?

    You know to much...................... :twisted:
  8. You'm not village be you?
  9. So you're claiming to be the only one in the village, then?
  10. You be on about the mayor that gets all the fathers day cards,spose?


    Things are changing they are replacing the contaminated water well with lead pipes...........
  11. PMSL - there is mulligatawny soup all over my new keyboard. Which is why I had to ditch the old one!