Hedge trimming with a chainsaw?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by EX_STAB, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. Just to be clear, this is not about trimming a bush, mine or hers although I'm reminded of ....

    A little song entitled:
    She was only the Hedgelayer's daughter...
    But you'd always catch her trimming her bush

    Tish boom. I'm here all week.....

    Anyway, I have about 50 yards of hedge that I have to trim. The top will need taking down with a chainsaw which I own. The sides need trimming up fairly nicely. Had I better just buy a cheapish petrol hedgestrimmer for this or will the chainsaw do it reasonably well?
  2. Ex Stab,
    It all depends on the finish required. If you don't mind it as rough as a badgers arse then a chainsaw will be fine. If it were me i would get me filthy mits on a hedgetrimmer.
    I happen to own a hedgetrimmer and you don't live that far and if your tight.............................:-D well i will let you work out the rest:-?
    Its amazing what can be acheived for a bacon butty and a brew :wink:

    Kind regards,

    R M
  3. I had a quote to do it and it was more than the price of a cheapish petrol trimmer. Generally I buy the best quality tools but in this case for something that will be used once or twice a year I think cheap will be ok.

    What do you think of this?

    New Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer Blade Cutter 22.5cc on eBay (end time 09-Nov-10 21:53:51 GMT)

    There are others. May take you up on the offer. ;)
  4. A chainsaw won't do it. It will cut through any thicker branches but you will have trouble trimming the smaller green bits. Hedge trimmers have a scissor action where small branches are inserted into the scissor to be cut whereby chainsaws need to be pushed against whatever is being cut to be effective. I use stihl equipment because I used to provide a garden maintenance service and I've still got the gear but the machine you have found on e bay looks like an able little machine for £110. Keep it in the dry and run it about once a month during the winter when it's not being used just to keep it serviceable.
  5. Yup that would do the job, not dissimilar to mine, gets used twice a year (if i can be arrsed) and does the job.
    The deciding factor with mine was the larger width between the teeth, ie you can cut the thicker stuff.

    Kind regards,

    R M
  6. Yes it's that time of year again and i've my conifers to cut, couldn't do them in the spring due to birds nesting in them. Now it's waiting for a dry day as my trimmers are electric. What a pig of a job.
  7. My missus uses one of those Venus razor's...
  8. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    What ever you do, do not use a chainsaw as a hedge trimmer, it's a kickback accident waiting to happen.

    Get yourself a hedge trimmer, or depending on the type of hedge and amount of time on your hands, you could always lay it.
  9. Worlds strongest "red neck" Steve Mcgrahannon! More like "worlds dummest Red Neck. They were realy fishing from the shallow end of the Geine pool when he was concived, but I guess thats the result of decades of "kissing cousin" inter breeding!
  10. Dogs arrse will be along shortly refuting that

    FFS don't use a chainsaw unless you are going to remove it completely and at the bottom only
  11. An electric alligator saw is far safer than a chainsaw- no kickback, for branches.

    You can get "green wood" blades from places like Screwfix, or every so often Aldi or Lidl.

    I took down 2, 30ft trees in my back garden with one, ( in small sections ).