Hecklers V Stand Up comics plus.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Nato Standard123, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. I saw a heckler get the better of Bernard Manning in Rhyl once, he had a couple of doormen sling him out, he (Bernard) walked off to the sound of his own footsteps!
  2. Ever see the Joan Rivers Show with Bernard and a bunch of po- faced liberals like Rupert Everett ?

    Just got back from the pub with a mate...... the other guests just sat there horrified and stony- faced as the great man reeled off a string of un- Pc gags, while we rolled around the floor howling with laughter.

    He was an anti- hero to the sort of ***** that thrived under Blair, but his views were actually very pragmatic and popular amongst the people he came from (and he donated a fortune to local charities )
  3. I've seen a bit of her stuff, yep, she can be well near the mark. I'll try to dig that clip out.
  4. Did he perchance say:

    "Bernard, they spoiled a perfectly good arse when they put teeth in your mouth!"
  5. I'm not generally a fan of Russell Brand, but this did make me smile. :)

  6. Interesting. If you can remember please tell us more. I never new of anyone getting the better of Brenard. Like or lothe him he was a quick thinking bugger. Speaking to comics who hated his guts those who could look objectively knew he was a master of the art.
  7. Well, it passed five minutes...

    By the way, did you realise that the Indian/Pakistani woman that Brendon Burns crosses swords with in the third clip (Uptight Heckler Claims Racism & Gets Destroyed.) was a plant and later reappears in a song & dance routine at the end of the show?
  8. Best (sort of) heckle I've ever heard, to a punter coming back from the gents:

    Comic: "And where the f*ck have you been?"
    Punter: "Just taking a piss before the comedian turns up..."
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  9. It was something to do with a Rose West joke he was telling at the time, unfortunatly I can remember as I was imbibing at the time, the hecklers comment was something about a threesome with Ian Brady that's all I can recall to be fair.
  10. No, never knew that but have seen one of his shows.

    ....and that passed 1.15 minutes :yawn: