Discussion in 'Travel' started by Kirkz, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Going to the Hebrides for me jollies just wondered if anyone on Arrse was out there? Point me in the right direction re drinking establishments etc
    Cheers :D
  2. Went there (Lewis) 10 years ago drove to a pub, can't recall name but it was down a track off the main road next to a Loch. Only one other in the place when I got there. The owner served me a pint with a scowl and avoided my eye and attempts on a conversation. When I had drunk my first and asked for second I was told firmly that as it was 3pm the pub was now closed, as he was serving the local!! He then pointed at my England Cricket team t-shirt and basically told me never to darken his doorstep again.
    My abiding memory.
  3. Had a similar experience in Wales.
    It was like the scene in the Slaughtered Lamb in an American werewolf in London, the whole room went silent and everyone just stared at me!!!
    Won't be wearing those shorts again :)
  4. I haven't been since the early eighties so can't give you any current tips.

    I do have some vivid memories of our frequent visits though!

    The hotel on Benbecula (one of the worst in many years of travel) proudly serving their "Four Course Dinner", course number two being...toast.
    Soup and a bread roll followed by two pieces of toast before the meat course. Still haven't worked that one out.

    The croft with the 20 x 20 sheep pen behind it, filled to a depth of at least three feet with empty whisky bottles.

    Explaining to the locals in another hotel bar that we were salesmen launching a new product line...calor gas powered televisions to go with their gas fridges.

    The increasing alarm I felt coming into land at Barra because no cnut had bothered to tell me the landing strip was the beach at low tide.

    Listing to the Pakistani shopkeeper in Stornoway speaking in a slow Hebridean accent.

    Don't know how things have changed but I suspect not by much.
  5. I assume you'll be going to Benbecula if you're travelling on duty (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Spent a couple of fantastic years there 94-96 and kept contact with friends (locals) since, and also visit every other year. Same with any place there are some muppets, but in general I'd say they are the most genuine friendly and honest people you could hope to meet. I never locked my house or car door all the time I was there.

    Main pubs are the Dark Island (DI) on Benbecula and one which was the Creagorry, but I believe it's changed name. The DI will be the one Lost-Jock talks about, but it did fairly decent food when I was there (proper carvery etc). For a cracking meal the Orasay is (was) worth a visit.

    If you like fishing, hillwalking & outdoors you'll think you were in heaven. When you go out take waterproofs....even if you think you don't need them. It's not much fun trying to hide from the horizontal rain behind a clump of grass :D
  6. I'm from there, Where are you going to?
  7. Rubish, the Welsh are the friendliest people in the world And I should know cos I is won
  8. Go to Lewis every year and the locals are great. Try the angling club in stornaway for a social drink on friday saturday.
  9. But not on Sunday because the whole place is dead, unless you are a God botherer
  10. I found the wimmin quite easy when I was there. Not surprising when you take into account the state of the men (generally speaking). :)
  11. Been a while since you've been there tropper?
  12. Dark Isle sounds familiar. At the time they claimed to have one of the biggest off-sales in the country. Having seen the aforementioned sheep pen I could believe it.

    Anyone remember the name of the hotel in Stornoway that blew up? I think it was a gas explosion but the locals said it was the wrath of God for opening on Sundays.
  13. I'm planning on visiting as many of the smaller islands as I can fit in.
    Went to Lewis &Harris a few years ago so decided to visit the more remote places. The Uist's Barra Mull Eigg Rhum. getting an Island hopper ticket!

    Cheers for the info O@L :D I've visited the Orkney and the Shetland Isles and know all to well about the weather and those midges too :x
    Will look in at the DI me thinks :p

  14. The Acres Hotel-Like a pair of tight trousers,it had no ballroom.
  15. Which part of the Hebs in particular ?

    If you are driving then most of your travel time will be taken on the ferries, if flying then expect to see "airports" that remind you of Port Stanley.

    If you like wildlife then the uists are great for twitchers and fishermen alike, Benbecula is the "hub" of those islands but is little more than a village, I think the naafi may still be there.

    If you like tweed then you've chosen the right place, in fact the only industry when I was there seemed to be selling tat to the squaddies.

    Dark Island pub and the Orasay have been mentioned, there is also the Loch Boisdale hotel at one end and the Lochmaddy at the other.

    Expect some very long hours of day light in the summer time and some realy nice beaches. In winter time expect horizontal rain, manic sheep and lunatics called Donald.