Heavy weapons

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. From today's D/Telegraph
    Doubtless, if we do make a land-based attack on Iran, the zoos of the world will be emptied of all elephants at the last moment .
  2. Did anyone else see it? Very impressive beginning lots of use of "fix" and "screen" all going very well until they forgot the elephants....
    The sad thing is a group of vicars won a few weeks ago.
  3. There was an odd comment from one of the participants who, when told part of his army had run away, said something like "Good, that's their job".

    Truly an odd bunch, one was/had been at RMAS. 2 Crabs.
  4. Hmmm....

    Despite some outrageous moustaches they were done over by all the war elephants bypassing them on their left flank and coming back to whack their phalanxes from behind.

    However - the nurse and the crab were the generals.....

    Lesson No 1 don't let the war elephants get in behind you.

    Lesson No2 - Don't let the crab do anything but stand by his plane with his helmet under his arm.
  5. Lesson 3. Get God on your side!
  6. Was there any armament factories alongside all those elephants?
  7. last one I saw before that was mum as general and her sons as dad they kicked viking butt (':lol:')
    the team did look like it knew what it was doing till the elephants got them (':lol:')
  8. The one with the blue oyster tash was a bit of a tw*t, he kept on butting in and answering for the two Generals.
    Loved the fact they were mashed by a bunch of elephants!!
  9. I saw the programme as well, complete with Village people tashes. I have heard that Mr Blair is going to announce it as a great victory that has bought peace to the region.

    I just pray that the Chancellor was not watching or stand -by. Cut back and the AI Bns and Armd Regts and draft in slow, cumbersome animals that are a relic from times past- like super aircraft carriers for the nice boys in the Rodney. Good idea.

    Let's build a weapon for today, that will take over a decade to get into service and will cause the rest of the forces to go into financial ruin. Oh and once they're done we may look at buying the escort ships to protect the pride of the fleet. (Let's face it we don't have a Navy to speak of).

    Go on buy more white elephants... they won the other night.
  10. Idle, CVF is not the problem. Imagine huge amounts spent on largely useless planes for the Crabs. The overspend on which could have bought half a dozen aircraft carriers.
  11. Talk about a no win situation. If they had won it would have been "well they are professionals so they should have been victorious"

    The fact that they fcuked it all up is highly amusing and I didn't even see it. Anyway since when has a crab contributed anything to a war effort other than 100% recce of allowances and decent hotels? Just ask the RAF when they last shot an aircraft down (by the way, the Falklands was all Navy with a bit of Army).

    Give us the rotors and the Navy the jets but that's another story.

    Back to the war.
  12. If you want to play the game yourself..... go buy Rome Total War
  13. Is "Rome Total War" the actual game used in Time Commanders, or have they got some modded version?
  14. The funniest thing for me was the presenter who's a lecturer at Shrivenham pointing out their failure to adhere to current British Army doctrine. The phrase "independent will of the enemy" got thrown in but I was laughing too hard to remember much else.

    Their touching belief that unsupported cavalry could make a frontal assault on pikemen and prevail also amused me. Combined arms gents, combined arms ...