Heavy vehicle mechanics for a 12 month contract in Afghanistan

Heavy vehicle mechanics for a 12 month contract in Afghanistan.

All selected mechanics will need to travel within the next 2 working weeks and will need to pass a medical and a background check.

Contract details are below:

Basic rate: $96000 annually

Hours: 11h/day x 7 days per week = 77 hours per week

Insurance: provided to employee no cost (family plan available)

Housing/meals: Provided at no cost; aaccommodation: 24 man tent

Working Hours: 7 days week 11 hours per day (77 hour work week)

Vacation: 28 days (accrued annually) every 120 days or 4 months you receive around 13 days

Vacation Stipend: $1700 dollars at your 4 & 8 months time frame for R&R.

If you are interestedin the above please email defence@txmrecruit.co.uk mentioning where you saw the add andprovide a daytime contact number and an up to date CV.
I assume this is a joke? if not it boils down to living in a shit hole for around £15 an hour ! sounds shite to me , a good self employed mechanic can earn that in the U.K , double in the US!

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