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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chemystery, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Link to MET Office Advice

    So lets get this straight...You're elderly, living alone since the love of your life popped their clogs, it's snowing...bad and your isolated from everyone.

    You're sat in your armchair watching This Morning when there's a knock at the door. You get up grab your walking stick and hobble to the front door. On opening the door you are greeted by Praetorian or other like minded perv who says 'I've just come round to check you're OK, shall I come in for a cuppa'.

    I tell you, with people like that I can sleep soundly knowing our trusty coffin dodgers are being looked after!
  2. We're doomed, I tell, you. Doomed.

  3. No need to go round and check, after a few days the smell will give the game away.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Here is the predictions

    Regional risk assessment for the following areas:
    - East Midlands(70%)
    - East of England(70%)
    - London & SE England(70%)
    - SW England(70%)
    - West Midlands(70%)
    - All of Wales(70%)
    - NW England(60%)
    - Yorkshire & Humber(60%)
    - NE England(30%)
    - All other regions less than 20%

    The Met Office is expecting a period of heavy snow to develop across South West England and much of Wales during Wednesday night and this is expected to extend across the Midlands, London, the South East of England and East Anglia during Thursday morning. There is also a risk that the snow will extend into parts of northern England for a time before dying away from all areas during Thursday afternoon. Accumulations of 2-5cm are expected quite widely inland, with 10-15cm possible for parts of the Midlands and Wales. Rain is more likely close to southern coasts where less cold air is expected. The period of snow could cause disruption to travel networks, especially across high level routes and the fact that timing of this event will coincide with the morning rush-hour.

    This warning will be updated by the Met Office 1100 tomorrow
  5. See, Global Warming
  6. Sounds like the best time to get yourself into a neighbouring coffin dodgers good books [and Last will & testement].....

    better dig out the thermos and soup for the old bat up the road
  7. Funny

    The BBC is predicting Sleet and weather.co.uk thinks it will be shower
  8. Anyone got the phone number of the Guard Room at Catterick ?.

    Someone's bound to be surprised by the weather.
  9. MAlthough there will be some sleet and slight snowfall across parts of Southwest England on Tuesday night and during Wednesday morning - the Met Office are about to issue an Early Warning of significant snowfall for Southwest England (and other parts of the UK) during Thursday morning (08/02/07).

    We are increasingly confident that snow amounts during Thursday morning will be heavy enough to cause considerable disruption to road, rail and air travel, with both M4 and M5 corridors particularly at risk during the morning rush hours.

    Conditions will be made worse by strong winds which will give some drifting of the snow and also lead to ice and snow accretion on power cables, but things will steadily improve through the course of Thursday afternoon with snow turning to rain, and then gradually clearing.

    Resilience community is advised to monitor the weather forecast carefully over next 48hrs. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

    Arwyn Harris Public Weather Service Advisor

  10. Only to trip over the cat and break your hip

  11. Or an opportune time for some distraction robberies. "Hello dear. You don't know us but we just called round to check you're OK. It's a bit chilly. Couldn't do us a cup of tea could you?
  12. After spending winters in Bavaria and a particularly bad winter tour in Bos I really can't get too excited by the 3 cms of snow due to bring the country to a standstill.
  13. Hmmm is it still classed as rape if you use the excuse that you were just trying to warm the old dear up? :confused:
  14. Be like "SuperMarket Sweep" round Tesco then, as everyone does the obligatory two trolley dash for supplies to help them cope wth being stranded at home under 3 cms of snow!
  15. "please look after your neighbours in the cold weather"

    our neighbour is an 87 year old woman, not once has she come round
    to check if we're all right. the lazy old b*tch hasn't even taken in her milk
    for two weeks!