Heavy sentences handed out at Plymouth Crown Court

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by samain11, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Daily Hate today two Loggies get 8 and 6 years respectivly for beating up two marines, too heavy or too lenient?
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    It was an unprovoked attack that left one of the Royals blinded in one eye (IIRC). Drink, lots of it, was involved.

    I think that the court got this one right.
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  3. A clear message sent by the judge. No issues from me. I remember back in 1998 being in a Crown Court with a soldier who had allegedly kicked on individual during a fight whilst the civvie was on the ground. The judge 14 years ago was abundantly clear and stated that if this was proven, the soldier would expect a minimum of fours years jail time. Fast forward 12 years and with inflation and what these two idiots did, 8 and 6 years is spot on - again in my opinion. Watch the negative media attention this takes away from our men and women doing the business in AFG, never mind the superb cross america by bike which was finished last week by a number of our wounded soldiers. I only hope the idiots out tonight take note before pouring 15 pints down their necks and trying to fight the world. End of lecture :)
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  4. The standard rate at the moment, I’m presuming that the charge was GBH with intent (Sec 18). No real inflation. Like most of the general public you seem not to understand how the system works. Your case of 14 years ago would have resulted in the convicted doing 3 years of the four and then being eligible for parole (Got a given that he would get it). Now the system will keep these two in prison for half their sentence and kick them out at the 3 and 4 year point irrespective of their behaviour inside. They will then spend the rest of the time on licence with the probation service.

    It’s just the mechanism government’s use when they want to talk big on crime and punishment. This line is to the Moj what “Smaller, leaner, more adaptable.” Is to the MoD.
  5. This sentence rocks. I've been on jury service in Plymouth and can pretty certainly see that judges take a pretty dim view of violent crime or drugs. This is a city that has a very traditional service background, a very good clubbing scene and needs the real threat of the legal system to keep things running smoothly. I am tired of watching the police camera programmes in other areas (wales) where "a drunk driver races away from pursuing police cars and gets awarded 100 hours community service" or "two violent drunks are released from police custody with a caution". The judge in this case saw that the injuries caused to the victims was going to end their careers, decided that there was no excuse whatsoever for this crime to have taken place so promptly banged them up where they cannot menace the public.
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  6. Thank you FEASG and you are quite right. It is very much smoke and mirrors where the sentence seems long but the time inside is not - depressing for a hanging judge such as myself but married to a copper I get the lectures daily about out legal failings.
  7. Hitting someone on the floor, let alone a full on shoeing, is a ***** trick.
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  8. Unfortunately it seems to be the rule rather than the exception these days.
  9. When are you standing for election?
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  10. I still think the law/sentencing guidelines should be changed so that alcohol becomes an aggravating factor, not a mitigating factor
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  11. They deserve every second they spend in prison. Utter *****.
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  12. Nice to see the courts doing something with their power for a change. On a side note, does anyone know if the two lads who break it up are connected to the royals?
    If not, it's nice to see people actually stepping in.
  13. Don't know about today but I remember some COs shared that sentiment exactly.
  14. I used to go to a nightclub that was out of the way and attracted an interesting crowd. It was known as a rough place, and you were more or less guaranteed a scrap (if you were looking for one). However, there was a sort of gentleman's understanding (even among the chavvier elements) that nobody was going to punch you to oblivion or jump on your head. You'd also get left alone if you kept your head down. Then, at some point in the early 2000's, somebody was stabbed to death. Unfortunately, that does seem to be the way of things these days.