Heavy Rain

Got this yesterday and it is stangely addictive, it seems you can play the game many times and it will take different directions depending on the choices/actions you take (so they say). So far have had bereavement/breakup, blacked out and woke up thinking I am the killer. Also get to play the role of private eye and detective (poss investigating the killings I am doing!), in the same game.

Will have to see how things develop........


Kit Reviewer
I'm tempted, but I've dropped nearly £200 into various Band Hero-related goodies since New Year, as well as another £50 on various other titles. I shall make this my first "victory purchase" with the cash I'll be saving from my imminent cessation of the tabs :D
Played it, the mrs and 7yr old enjoyed it as it was movie like. I can get £34 trade value, but ill probably play it once more for a different ending, then trade it for Just Cause 2. Got Battlefield 2 the other day, not played it as yet.

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