Heavy hand of the law

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by batfink, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. talk about over the top

  2. Oh sorry i thought you meant this fella

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  3. I heard about that this morning and thought it was radio one having a laugh. People who get up to naughtiness will not be put off by a bloody bit of paper calling them bad people, as shown by ASBOs now being a "badge of honour" or however it was put. You then cannot apply that same logic to kids who can not grasp the concept of what it means to sign a "good behaviour contract", this is not the same as a formal reprimand in work as that has repercussions that people want to avoid/understand.

    Either target the parents (loss of benefits, enforced community service etc) as a kick in the arse to teach their spawn right and wrong. Or stop moaning when people give the runts a clip around the ear for being bad, my folks done that to me and no harm done *nervous twitch*.

    As for the plod nicking the shampagn, either forgot the wedding anniversary again or really has no grasp of reality in order to compare terraces of fans with glass bottles against a private celebration behind closed doors. And they wonder why they are losing respect :x
  4. thats another serious crime detected and solved then. I am only surprised no prosecution is following.
  5. Sorry, I disagree, drinking alcohol in any part of the stadium in view of the pitch or being in possession glass containers are specific football offences act offences, designated as such because of the morons who would other wise regularily glass each other and chuck the bloody things. This is what the searching regime at the front of the ground is seeking to stop.

    As regular football attenders they would have known this and they choose to ignore it. They could (and in some of the grounds I have worked in would) have been arrested.

    I suspect you think I sound like a nobber but 10 years policing Chelsea teaches me otherwise. So frankly I don't care.

  6. I doubt the veracity of this story. East Fife would not be spraying champagne, it would be Buckfast. The local cops have put on extra patrols in response to a surge of ned activity in Methil/Leven, home of East Fife FC.

    Having said that, common sense may have been worth trying....players could have asked the cops if they could pop a few bottles of champagne, cops could have said OK, just make sure it is clearly a celebratory display and not consuming alcohol.
  7. There is no Home Office target for common sense!
  8. directors banned from taking chamers into the ground!

    Is no-one outraged yet!

    Personally, my bag of give a fcuk is empty.
  9. 1. Stalinsky FC.
    2. Well spotted.

    Laws are meant to stop problems - common sense should have prevailed

    editted for mong spelling
  10. Common sense is not in great supply where football fans are concerned, my views stand, take it or leave it.

    Oh yeah and stokey, it takes considerably longer than an hour to investigate a 10 yr old kid drawing on a wall and yes I would do it, the wall would be someones property I am sure you would want me to deal with someone drawing on yours.

  11. Hogspawn

    The bandwagon has started to roll, personally I think its time to give it a push and watch it and its passengers disappear into the sunset.

  12. I think we can safely concluded that Common Sense has been removed from the training curriculum at the Scottish Police Collage... :roll:
  13. I'm outraged.

    I'm also inraged, or enraged,upraged,downraged.

    Fcuking coppers enforcing silly laws, why cant they just pick and choose which ones to enforce.

    No wonder theyre not getting a pay rise

    I never see one except when theyre catching me, in which case they should then use their discretion and let me off whilst catching everyone else.

    I know a copper so I know theyre allowed to, they must just be picking on me.


    Political correctness.

    Wouldnt happen if it was an ethnic minority.

    Low standard of recruits.

    Crap training.

    They should all be sacked.

    ............... phew.

    Right, have I covered it all?
  14. So, 3 years ago when the champers was flowing at the Bridge and being sprayed onto us fans by the players, why didn't you arrest them all?