Heavy Fighting Near Najaf

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Heavy fighting is ongoing near Najaf. Over 250 bad guys have been killed in the fighting that continues into the night. A chopper supporting US/Iraqi troops is down in the area.
  2. Do You have a link T6
  3. The battle was against shia militia. The chopper crew was killed.
  4. Hope the chopper crew are alright.
  5. Apparantly this little band of merry men - now 250 down on the start figure - are ...

    Now, I'm sure we've been told on more than one occasion by our spam visitors that Najaf was a luvverly and peaceful place. Seems the good news bubble has burst completely. Has the US got an spare troops to "surge" into other Iraqi cities in addition to Baghdad?
  6. Where did You get Your quote from Merks - it seems to be at odds with T6s assertion that the gunmen were Shia
  7. BBC

    Reuters says:

    But you'd hardly expect him to blame his own people would you???
  8. I'm wondering whether this "cleric called Ahmed Hassani" (as Reuters reports) and cleric Mahmud al-Hassani (also called al-Sharkhi) are one and the same. This latter chap, although a shia, enjoys getting his band of merry men to shoot at and blow up fellow shias in Karbala. Been making a nuisance of himself for the past few months.

    Now then Gen. Tomahawk6 US Army retd., what's your analysis on today's events: shia and sunni joining forces to battle US military and Iraqi army forces?

    I'll just bring up one of your earlier predictions:
    Can't fault your wording. But how long are we to wait for "At some point" to arrive. Remember, you made this telling comment over 2 years ago! Bet you weren't anticipating having to increase troops by 20,000+ then, were you?
  9. What do you propose merkator. Surely there is a duty to at least try and stabalize the place, or should it be a case of cut and run? The mess has been made, its got to be cleaned up somehow
  10. The plan is to train the Iraqis (police and army) so that they can sort themselves out.When they can I am sure we will leave. Thats why we are spending thousands of man hours and millions of pounds on them. However what some of the people on arrse (the ones that have never ventured anywhere near Iraq) seem to think that is not the case.
  11. And to add to my last, this Mahmoud al-Hassani has been up to all sorts of naughtiness since 2003, see this BBC report.

    And according to this website, he's ANTI-IRANIAN!!!!!!

    All seems like a major turf-war going on. And apparently, we still can't call it a civil war.

    Now then, Gen. Tomahawk6 US Army retd., what's your analysis on this one: anti-iranian shia cleric joining forces with sunnis to take a pop at US/Iraqi Army?
  12. Yes, bacause I believe that the Iraqi people have the right to what I have, the government that my fellow countrymen chose, the right not to be put in mass graves and the right not ot have my environment taken away from me by the dictator running the country. That the post war era was badly planned for is beyond doubt and there are those who undoubtedly should have their incompetence shouted to the world and not be given a position of authority again.

    I hope that the insurgency fails and the Iraqi people get the country they deserve.
  13. Well I went through Najaf on my way back from Dogwood end of 04. We got a load of rocks lobbed at us.It is a hotbed of insurgant training with lots of them departing from Najaf to start havoc around the rest of Iraq.I think killing them at source whilst they are all in the one area is a good plan.Thus allowing Iraq to rebuild un-hindered which will allow coalition forces to leave the place.What do you think SLR boy?
  14. I was there--Najaf/Karbala/Al Hilla till the end of 2003. Until the Marines handed it over to the Spaniards it was a very stable and relatively peaceful town. The locals were excited about their city elections, at their insistence we ousted a corrupt police chief and the future seemed, if not bright, nowhere near the mess it became.

    Then we handed it over to the Spaniards--the Spanish Legion--who, instead of engaging the locals and keeping Sadr's boys out chose to remain in garrison at the local 'college' grounds just south of town and left the city on its own. Once Sadr's boys came in armed it was downhill all the way.

    All that work we did, what a f-ing tragedy.