Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Benji-son, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. Yet another Newbie nervous about RSC. I've got the running and sit-ups sorted, still working on the press-ups, but havn't even contemplated attempting heaves yet as i have nothing to practice on (poor excuse) How many are you expected to do? Please take into consideration that i'm not small (6ft and about 15st)

  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I heard that it was supposed to be 8 for an "ok" and 15 for a "oooo...aint he big n strong".

    Was 15 for the RCB, when they still did them...I think?
  3. is a heave a pull up or chin up?
    On there site it seems like a chin up because you see some fella with his hand close together and his fingers towards him.
    or is it a pull up where your arms are wide apart
  4. I think it’s a chin up.
    Apparently there is no minimum amount and it’s not a pass or fail exercise. But I guess it all goes towards your overall score.
    What time you got for your 1.5 mile run Benji-son?
  5. 10.30 but hopefully be able to shave a few seconds off that on the day :?
  6. how long were you guys waiting before you got your med docs sorted and got your interview i've been waiting about 8 weeks now for them to process my meds.

    It is definatley a chin up not sure on minimum though
  7. it took about 2 weeks for my med docs to be sorted, I got the ok just before xmas, and have my interview tomorrow :)
    I have nothing on my medical records, that might be why it was so quick.

    It might be worth giving your careers office a buzz, see what they know
  8. Took about 2 week for me too. I had my interview last on Friday, it went really well.
    Benji-son don’t worry about your interview as long as you’re not a complete retard you'll be fine.
    I’m waiting for my RSC date a Pirbright now.
  9. Heaves, mine were tragic, it was like half a heave, another example of why women are useless :lol: - but it wasn't an instant fail.

    Get yourself to the Gym where they should have heave bars there, and if not work on your upper body strength. I'm sure Argos do Heave bars?
  10. taff_dee
    I'd give them a call it may be your doc has not sent the form off yet, jeep on there case.
  11. I just got back from my interview and it went really well, he was pleased with my fitness etc.
    I asked the question about heaves and he said you want to be doing at least 6 :?

    also.... has anyone got any tips on loosing 8kg in a matter of weeks? Even though im just under the BMI, the dudes at RSC want me to loose it before i go 8O
  12. 6! Well I best get practising, I can only do 3 or 4
  13. You could... cut off your arm?

    8kg in weeks is somewhat impossible without endangering your health. You'll need to watch and reduce your calory intake and try and do some long runs, such as 45 minutes in length, 3-4 times a week.

    Cut out white bread, foods with lots of sugar, salt, foods with more than 10g of fat per 100, reduce intake of hard cheese, if you must have a snack then have something like a fruit bun or scone with no butter etc etc. White meat contains less fat than red meat, and contains even less than normal if you cook it without the skin on. Also increase consumption of fruit to fill you up.

    You'll probably become depressed instead of fat on this kind of diet however. Enjoy..
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sorry I thought this was about throwing up!