Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by squirt, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Something I've never been able to do is proper Army standard heaves to a beam.. I can do them supported, and if I don't extend my arms fully.. Can anyone suggest which muscles/exercises I need to work on to help me become an ace at chin ups?? :D Cheers!
  2. More chin ups unfortunately. You need to develop your lats mainly. The big muscles along the side of your back. Pull downs and seated rows are good. Try the assissted chins machine. Bicep work will also help.
    If you can, speak to QMSI George Best or SSgt Dusty Miller - both APTC, used to be at the ASPT. These two guys are pull up Gods.
  3. For that workout, you need to develop the whole of your upper body strength. All the posers like to work on their biceps and forget all the other muscles which contribute to your upper body strength.

    Good exercises include

    Chinups: Works the arms, shoulders, upper back, lats and the underlying muscles, not just the ones that make you look good.

    Pressups: Works arms (biceps AND triceps), shoulders, pecs, delts and the core muscles in your trunk (keeping your body in a straight line)

    Dynamic pressups: Dip down as normal then push up fast enough so that you can clap your hands together before placing them back on ground ready for next rep.

    Tricep dips: find a bench, sit on the edge of it, place hands beside bum, move bum forward and off seat so that arms are supporting your weight, dip down till your arms are at 90deg, then push up till arms are straight.
    This works the same muscles as the pressup but in reverse.

    There are plenty of other imaginiative exercises you can do for upper body strength without resorting to weights. Just use your own body weight and you wont go far wrong.

    good luck

    PS, swimming is an excellent exercise for building upper body strength.

  4. Cheers guys. I'm due to go on tour soon so plenty of time will be spent in the gym! :D
  5. That is what every body says , If its a none middle east tour you will be on the piss . Good lad . :wink:
  6. What's wrong with just doing chin ups hanging from the top of a door-frame?

    ..don't you only need to manage six anyway?

    Of course, I could easily be mistaken.
  7. It hurts my fingers. :cry:
  8. I'm not sure there is even an actual requirement to do heaves! I never managed any at the RSC and it turned out that I was one of the strongest girls there! 8O
  9. Squirt, do you mind if I ask how long ago you did RSC? Or whether you think the standard is the same now?

    I'm female and will be doing RSC in the next few months. Heaves are my weakest thing, and I'm wondering how I'll compare to other women. My AFCO told me RSC would be impressed if I managed 2 (!), but I don't want to be feeble. (Obviously I'm going to train, and do my best whatever the standard.)

    Today I watched an RSC video, and there was a young lady on it doing loads! 8O

    By the way, a really cool thing about that RSC video. They showed various candidates going through the tests, and talked to some of them. One lad came on who I recognised...it was Private Johnson Beharry V.C.! :D How cool that the first Victoria Cross winner for years happened to be on the RSC that was recorded! 8)
  10. Deep Swimmer is on the money but the best practice for pull-ups once you can do one is pull-ups.

    What to do is pull up stretch arms straight then pull up again being sure not to kick your legs as you are trying to build strength not momentum techniques. Try to keep your body perfectly vertical. It is not easy to force but that is what you have to do to get better at them always keep pulling up until you can do no more then drop off of the beam. Take a full 2 mins to allow the glycogen and oxygen to get back in to the muscles. Whilst you are doing this stretch. After 2 mins back on the beam and go again until you cant do any more. Don’t let pain be your limiting factor, try until your muscles wont move you. Do a minimum of 3 sets in a session more if you can handle it. You will come on leaps and bounds. Doing that 5 times a week you should add at least one pull up per week probably more for the first few weeks.

  11. Cheers again guys. Highway, I went to the RSC about three years ago now, so I can't really comment on how the RSC is nowadays. I have a pretty strong upper body, but have never been very successful with heaves myself. As long as you shine in other areas, then you should be fine at the RSC.

    I remember one exercise we did in Boxing training, where the gym beam was lowered to about a metre or less and, starting out laying on your back, you grab onto the beam and do pull ups leaving your feet out in front of you taking some of your weight. I can only assume that doing lots of reps of these must improve your ability to do heaves. :idea:
  12. again; rep to failure is the key to fast strength increases.
    Dont forget to warm up properly though

  13. I saw that too, lovely dread-locks :D - you happen to be joining via Bristol ACO? Only Bristol people seem to have seen that vid, in my experience.
  14. Thinking about it i remmeber seeing him and i went to the Manchester AFCO. Dident click that it was him till i just read this post.
  15. Thank you, squirt. :D Yes, I seem to remember reading a few years ago that, at that time, female candidates for RCB did heaves with their feet on the ground. Sounds like a good strategy to build-up initially. Just installed my shiny new Argos chin-up bar. :D

    Hi luke. I saw it at Newcastle AFCO. It's a bit out of date because they still show the ammo box test, but I found it helpful to get an idea of what's coming.