Heaves- getting started

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by qwert5187, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. I'm having some trouble with heaves, basically I can barely do 1 :oops: , however I'm definately not unfit in other areas, I can do a 9:30 1.5 miler and at least 45 press ups and 55 sit ups in 2 mins.

    I think the problem might be getting started and maybe if I could do a few it may lead to bigger things... My eventual aim is to be able to do a solid 10.

    Any help would be great, cheers
  2. I've heard of a couple of methods;

    Hanging from the bar with your arms at 90 degrees, and continuing till you can't hold it any longer, should help the muscles you use for pull-ups-

    You could also try assisted pull-ups, where a friend helps you to lift yourself to the bar.

    Best of luck.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Tartan, do you mean hanging from the bar or holding yourself up in the raised position when hanging from 90 degrees?
  4. I found a narrow underhand grip with my hands close together easier to start with. Once you can get a few of these done you can start adopting the form needed for the tests.
  5. google australian pull ups its a good technique to progress
  6. Keep at them amd then when you can't do anymore do some negatives (jump up and lower yourself) for an extra 2-3 reps
  7. Try doing negatives - jump up and get yourself into the position you would hold at the top of a heave. Then lower yourself, under control, until your arms are straight. Repeat as any times as necessary. Hope this helps.
  8. Just did three but became concerned about the door frame! Don't think it likes having 16 + stone of EX_STAB hanging off it!
  9. Train at the gym extensivley on your arms on shoulders, i had the same problem as you when i first started training at the gym 3 months down the line i can do about 15 solid. Don't just work out at home, get yourself down the gym you should feel the difference within a week or so.
  10. You should try to do as many as you can till your arms lock up, then still hang on for as long as you can.
    Oh and make sure your doing proper heaves, not half of it like some people think.
  11. Which includes not swinging to get momentum
  12. Thanks for all the help guys, the thing is I don't have a gym membership as there's no way I'm spending 100 quid a month when most of what I do is running and bodyweight excercises. Hopefully though I can build up my arms with my weights at home and with the metods you outlined!
  13. Go to your local leisure centre, I have everything I need & I can pay £1.50 every time i go or £12 a month.
  14. I joined a gym for £38 a month but cancelled before I was stuck in a 12 month contract. Get a half decent set of weights for upper body and carry on running. That's what I do and then after running in the early morning just stop in the park to do some heaves on the kids play stuff. Can even manage to do those Australian ones there on a rope bridge.

    Just be creative and you don't need a gym although it might be good to go a couple of times a month to focus on certain areas. My push ups are still shockingly terrible though :x .... work in progess :roll:
  15. Buy a door-frame heaves bar.
    Got it from Makro at a great price of £5.00 and I'm sure you can buy them at sports shops.

    A f*cking worthy investment. As I was good at press ups and pretty howling at heaves.

    Now I'm starting to really get the hang of heaves and can smash them out. :D