Heaves/Chin Ups

Hopefully going down to the 2 day selection centre (passed BARB/Numeracy & Literacy and Medical) after my GCSE's in May and have started to get even fitter/stronger then i already am by doing a training routine.
The problem is though i do all my exercises at home and have nowhere put a chin up bar, so was thinking does anyone have any ideas of what the best possible exercise is to help you when you do your heaves or is it better going to the gym and doing them proper.

Thanks in advance Stu


jump up with chin up over bar and simply lower yourself down to the hanging position. drop down to ground and then repeat.

do it enough you will get enough power to go upwards.

don't do too many to begin with or you'll bust out your biceps.

I use goal posts down park for it.
I use a pull up bar in my doorframe the same as the one further up the page, i borrowed it from a mate since he didnt use it and i would make more use of it than him. I can currently do a max of 10, im just wondering whether thats below average or acceptable. I keep trying to pump as many out as possible but muscles dont grow over night. Also im doing sets of 20 push-ups, just wondering whether that is acceptable or not aswell or do i need to push myself harder.
pom_pay said:
try your nearest argos to get one of these bars which fit in any door frame two walls etc, and cost less than a tenner, also they dont need to be permanantly fitted, nor do you have to remove the door as in this picture.
edited to add: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3003341/Trail/searchtext>CHIN.htmwww.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3003341/Trail/searchtext%3ECHIN.htm
I did buy this well 1 like that from JJB but my door frames are small so i rattled my head on top.
Thanks for advice everyone.
If you have an alleyway or something you could use that.. OR use any of the other things suggested here.. or get down to a gym.. or use tree's on one of your runs etc.. endless opportunities
stu.l you need to put it in the doorframe you can set it between two walls as the bars do tend unscrew a long way, try somewhere like a hall or put it in the loft hatch
being tall i put mine in the loft hatch to get the legs of the floor, but was quite lazy, so just put bar ontop of the frame and put a nail either side of the bar to stop it rolling away, also meant i wouldnt get get charged for damage to frame when i move out

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