Heaves & bergan work

Hi everyone,

Just come across this site http://twentypullups.com/node/1 has anyone done it? if so any good? I might give it a bash, it looks legit.

Also, at the moment I am following the official british army fitness guide, I'm doing the second tier fitness plan. Every fourth day it says to do cross/sports training, the thing is I don't have a bike or access to a swimming pool, and I don't really play any sports so would a 40 minute tab with a bergan do just as well?

Thanks, any answers appreciated.
I don't go bike riding or swimming either mate. Just plenty of running and when i can get a lift, i get up the hills with a bergen. As for the pull ups, i was crap at them, so i got a bar up in my bedroom door frame, every time i walk past i do as many as i can, i've gone from a girly 3-4 to about 15 in a few months, slow but steady progress! if you have a look around on the net, there is a few exercise plans aimed at boxers, i find them a great help.

enjoy training!
Thankyou mate, good advice about the pull ups i will try that although that plan seems to be working, i could only do 4 too last week but I'm up to 6 now, working on them all the time too. I did chuck a bergen on on sunday, nothing too heavy just 20lbs plus water, was aching good style afterwards but i quite enjoyed it, apart from the dodgy looks lol. Also is there any bloody way to make the thing comfy on my back or will i just have to get used to it?
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