HEAVES and The Sh@t inducing follow up

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stvwardy, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. yes i keep bothering people on here, but you lot know, so who better to bother

    Heaves......ive been told i need to do 3 to be a RAC Crewman.

    the thing is, my upper body is quite good, i can do loads of sit ups, push ups.....Just not Heaves.....and this is making me qorry quite alot.

    what happens if i get down to selection {on the 10th} and cant do heaves.
    the best i can do is halfway down and back up, and even then i can only do 3/4.

    i can run, lift, and all the other stuff....

    but heaves are soul crushing

    all advice and sympathy welcome!
  2. get off this PC, and get yourself to the gym! Low weight, high rep arm curls. Or lose some weight porky ;)
  3. i like waiting for you to reply smudge, their always so nice.!!! :D

    however, im 5"11 and 11.8stone, ive already lost two and half stone.

    and ive got a good body shape.

    you evil b@stard!!!! :lol:
  4. I could never do heaves and when I went for my selection weekend at Sutton Coldfield I still couldnt do them. I was meant to do 3, achieved 1 and still got in. Mind you, this was in 1986 so things may be a bit different now.....
  5. When I joined I was 6ft, 10 stone, and I could bang out 14+ heaves. Do some arm work, a few pounds less will make it easier too :)
  6. hehe, drain_sniffer, that probably means that by todays standards i'll get through, i think {from family experience} that things have defineatly got easier.

    i just down want to be failed/deferred because i couldnt do heaves.
    do they do that?
  7. If you do well on the fitness test's you should be fine...
    I only did 1 heave at selection (improved now lol) but did well on the rest of the tests, and passed fine
  8. cheers for that mate, thats what i needed to know,

    im quite fit, just no good at Heaves.

    cheers again
  9. If you give 100% and the staff see it, you'll be fine.
  10. when i was at selection. theyre was a lad who only managed 1 heave. he was going R.E. he still got through. and his run time was about 11.30
  11. Get to the gym and get on the lat pull down machine. Works in a similar way to heaves. Also get one of those chin up bars that fit between doors that you get in Argos and every time you walk past it bang out 1 heave, 2 heaves when you and im sure in time you will get to 3.
  12. Get some dertermintaion, a door frame and some muscle. Then there is no excuses.
  13. the determination is there, and infact i have seen a difference.

    mwaharrrr!!!!!!!! :oops: sorry
  14. At selection i only done 1 heave but my runtime got me through, if you are sure you can't do it then make sure your runtime is awesome, good luck
  15. Get your hands closer together as if you're a boxer you ginger squirrel


    It's best effort anyway.. look like a constipated hamster and you should be ok?