"Heaven help us if theres a war!" Callaghan

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BoomShackerLacker, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Our regt was too pished to fight anyone anyway...lol.Plus chieftain only made it outside the camp gates and then threw it's hand in.
  2. hell if anyone wanted to attack the army just do it over christmas, everyone too pissed to do anything in response bar the Germany Guard Service lol
  3. Well thankfully I've not managed to invent the time machine as yet. What a worthless/pointless story.
  4. And in today's Guardian: PM panic over missle defence

    The impression given here is that the UK's defences were denuded to provide its share for the collective NATO 'defence shield'. Points of interest emboldened:

  5. Reveals our continued status as a bit-part player and NATO-front-man for American policy. Even as late as the late-70s.
  6. Spent my formative years in BAOR mid 70s and then early to mid 80's back for second course.
    Agree so much with much of what has been said, but we would have fought and put up a Good Show.
    Think we where to buy 7-10 days and die in the process.
    Wasn't Ivan vastly overrated as his adventure into Ganistan showed.
    And it was Ivan along with his unsustainable system that went T ITS UP first, big time, now no more USSR.
    As the Old Duke is reputed to have said
    A close run thing !
  7. History Repeating?
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

  9. BSL - "1970s were darker than we thought."

    Err....not for those around and involved in the 70s :wink: .

    "Reveals our continued status as a bit-part player and NATO-front-man for American policy. Even as late as the late-70s."

    'Late-70s'? And 80s, 90s etc. Uncle Jim's and staff quotes refers to "our" capability. However, it's not pointing out at the time we were up to our arrse in Septic planes, missiles and personnel who effective lorded it around the country with CD immunity 8O .

    jonwilly - "Think we where to buy 7-10 days and die in the process.
    Wasn't Ivan vastly overrated as his adventure into Ganistan showed."

    Yes and yes, and it wasn't exactly hush-hush was it? I remember the media getting off on at least one 'shock-horror' storey that if the Sovies rolled over the East German border, we, including the Septics, couldn't stop them - but this has been thrashed out in previous threads.

    And, since when were we supposed to have been able to take on the Sovies by ourselves, and since when was it thought the whole of Sovie resources would be deployed against little 'ole us? The nasties we had on Pomme de Terre could not have been used without Septic permission anyway :D

    And, of course we continued to be mortgaged up to the hairline to Uncle Sam, who 'protect their interests' - that's business. :wink:

  10. "The idea of Scargill being looked upon favourably by the Soviets tickles me. I suspect he'd be one of the first to 'disappear'."

    What a nice idea.
    Detestable person, my Dad was a miner, except for his Army service.
    He was retired when the miners went on strike in 84 ? ill health, but he never gave a penny to the 'Workers' for he said it was a Political Strike that would only hasten the end of Coal Minning.
  11. What a sorry figure Scargill cuts. Now the hysteria has long drifted away I can't help thinking he was a victim of the Left and the Right's power-plays.
  12. You have got to be kidding. Scargill was nobody's victim. He was out to destroy an elected government that failed to bow down to him and his left wing criminal scum.

    He should have been arrested and charged with conspiracy and made personally liable for the damage caused by the rabble he led to violence. He was no different to any of the other terrorists who rejected democracy and decided that those who failed to tow his line and follow his orders were to be punished be they miners, the management of the NCB, the government, or the public at large. Thank God we had a PM who was willing to take him and his followers on and defeat them.

    So I will never feel sorry for that man. He personally brought a lot of pain and suffering to a lot of people, particularly miners and their families whom he misled and of course to those who were brave enough to stand up against his bullies.

    Is he still alive? I hope he lived long enough to watch how his beloved Soviet Union was brought to its knees as soon as the people were able to have any say in it.

    He deserves to be sh!t on in life and his grave sh1t on after his death.
  13. Well, possibly. But, possibly not. The idealogical-visionary is open to manipulation by those more complex Machiavellians who spot a vehicle for their grand-schemes. Scargill wasn't the brightest lump of political coal in the bunker and he fulfilled the archetypal class-warrior for those below the parapet, and who no doubt enjoyed his assault on The Milk Snatcher. They stoked his bunker I suggest. The apologists for the Soviet Union were all around willing him on I remember well.