Heave Ho to the Heaves?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by johnnyVB, May 18, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick one guys, mainly aimed at people who have just been through Pirbrights ADSC...

    Are they still performing heaves or has been replaced with lifting the 40kg bag e.t.c..

    (Yes ive looked around the site and seen a variety of answers)

    Any info would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Heaves were binned at Pirbright last year and introduced with the 15Kg to 40 Kg bag lift however you will still find on most Pre ADSC's you will still practice them as its a good indicator of upper body
  3. Wicked, cheers for the information. I ve still got them in my routine but they are just my weakest point. Didnt wanna screw it on that one aspect.
  4. i liked the name of the post , very witty
  5. They binned them when the week before i got to pirbright.. thank god! Will i need to be able to do them at phase 1?
  6. I dont think so jut press ups and sit ups
  7. not in any form of test though they may do it to test your fitness, and you will most likely have to do them as part of developing fitness lik epress ups and sit ups arnt tested at ADSC but are a vital part of fitness at training
  8. It'd be good if you can do some. If you can to 10 pull ups with slow, good form (pulls ups - palms facing away, heaves aka chin ups - palms towards0 then you're demonstrating very good all over upper strength which means you're in good shape.

    Just try and knock as many as possible out at the end of your gym session - it's what I do and I can smash out 14 and I weigh 15 stone.
  9. completely agree, no head shaking, legs kicking either, i havnt started training yet but i can do 17-19 (which is a bloody pain) and im pretty happy with that, it was a pain to get to ADSC and then not to have to do them but ive kept training with them as im sure you will need them
  10. dont worry just keep working on them doing one or two more each day (or couple of days depending on how you feel, remember to have rest days) with fitness there is no easy way, no short cuts, after a week you will be doing more than you thought you could