Heating rebates for singlies

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BWFC, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, I have been on course now for 7 weeks and since the 1st of October the heating as been turned on, however the people i have spoken to various accomodations are all without heating, is there a form all the guys could fill in(to claim back monies for lack of heating) just to pi** off the civvy in the accomodation stores to pull his idle arse in gear?

    Its okay if i were a pad, i could get it staright away fixed, but being a singly you get fobbed off!
    The matter as been reported everyday last week and still no heating!

    cheer for reading my moans
  2. Sounds like a health and safety issue to me :wink:
  3. Get your OC to pen a formal letter to the Qm on your behalf, or to take the issue up with the Qm at least!

    This is what we did in Germany when we had the same problem.

    Sorted it pretty much straight away.
  4. Welcome to the life of a singlie. Heating is obviously a low priority. Do what we have all done, go out & buy yourself an electric fan heater that drinks the power. Our unit seems to think they are saving money by turning on the heating at the last minute, but not so I'm afraid.

    Now the lack of hot water we are suffering at the moment is a greater problem, but the smell will soon get to them & they'll get it sorted.
  5. leaving your iron on all day serves as a small radiator as well. if you buy a radiator ensure it has an output of at least 3000W, this way you get the warm glow of getting one over the system as well as the physical warmth of the "granny heat 4000" or whatever you buy.
  6. cracked it guys! The best thing when getting frobbed off with heating is get your local health and safety rep in, when you get a time and date for his meeting with you in the block , leave al the windows open and get the young guys to sit in their rooms with their coats on hugging a small iron for heat!
    Hey presto! 2 days later nice warm blocks and a small bottle of Jim beam on your reps desk!

    Singlies!!!!!! If your not happy keep moaning and keep stating its a pads army! your g'tee to pi** some one off. But the job gets done