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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_0ne, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. If you sign up and select the above trade but your already Gas Safe Registered (Formerly Corgi) and have all your elements

    Warm Air
    Water Heaters
    Talegan Testing

    Can you skip trade training as your already qualified
  2. It depends; the military see a lot more to plumbing than just gas. What else have you done? Are you a time serviced apprentice with City and Guilds or NVQs? Are you self taught? The Gas Safety is part of the Class One syllabus. I think Class Two teaches allied trades (drawing, welding etc), installing sanitaryware, pipe work, soil pipes etc. If you have relevent qualifications and have covered the training objectives in the syllabus you will do an assessment. Dependent on how competent you are deemed depends on if you go in straight as a Class Two, straight as a Class One or have to start from scratch. Not that many people get to go straight in as a Class One though.
  3. Time served apprentice with NVQ 6012 02

    Done servicing, breakdowns and brand new heating installations
  4. What plumbing and pipework have you done? If you haven't done much you could struggle.
  5. Ran gas carcasses, piped up Y/S Plan Systems.

    Combi boilers and radiators, air source heat pumps etc
  6. Experience on hot and cold water systems? Water tanks? Drainage?
  7. Not done drainage

    But obviously worked on cold when doing y plans etc, header tanks and that in lofts and airing cupboards
  8. You sorted with sanitary goods like whb's, baths, showers, urinals and wc's then?
  9. ahhh sorry thought you meant the cold side of heating.

    No not done bathrooms and kitchens
  10. I will be quite suprised if you get exemption then. Installation of white goods and plumbing is the mainstay of a Class 2. If you remain current you may be exempt some modules on your Class One though.

    Sorry to disappoint you.
  11. neither have most of ours to be fair.
  12. If you read this months Sapper mag there is a bit about a task I designed in Cyprus for an ablution block refurb. Went like a dream other than I recommended refelting the roof rather than stripping off all of the bitumen and some of the MCF stripped out a couple of the toilets that were supposed to stay in.
  13. Hi mate I'm in the process of getting in to the army currently and I have C&G's level 1 and 2 two in plumbing studies . My recruiter has told me that there are no vacancies for jobs until march next year however he said due to the qualifications I already have the army may be able to fast track me and just do some compitancy tests just wonderd if you had any idea of the liklyhood of this happening, also as a plumbing and heating engineer would I have the opertunity to join 9 or 51 airbourne squadrons ???
  14. There is a decent chance of being able to get fast tracked. You will sit a trade assessment and how good you are combined with your City and Guilds will depend on what Class level you enter as. No matter what trade you are (less armoured engineer) you can get to 9 or 51.