Heating in the Block

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by She_Rah, May 24, 2006.

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  1. How much flexibility do the QM's Dept have when deciding to turn the heating off in accommodation blocks?

    Ours went off about 2 weeks ago and needless to say it has been baltic since then however the QM's Dept will not put it back on.

    Before I am accused of being a wuss, please be aware that it is these things that make people want to leave the Army. Being 36 and a home owner I would like to be able to make my own decisions about when I am cold and when I am warm!

    This wouldn't happen on the married patch and imagine the uproar if WO2 Bloggs' wife was cold and couldn't dry her towels!

    Come on QMs, why?

  2. She-ra I'm afraid there isn't an answer that would make much immediate sense.

    Basically it's due to ownership of budgets. Bizarrely, the raft of ongoing PFIs to rebuild our 'super garrisons' will actually make this situation all but disappear, as the contracts will state degree of warmth, temperature of water etc etc, and it will be delivered as part of the contract. Bit simplistic, but essentially correct.

    Unless you live in JSCSC, where SERCO changed all the shower heads over Christmas leave to reduce water flow and thus save money.
  3. Somebody somewhere must have seen sence because the heating is back on in Gazza, Catterick.
  4. Beacause the QM's department are married or "live-out" and their homes are nice a toasty. As a "singly" living-in..it is your right to freeze in May and Roast in Sep/Oct.

    Did they issue you with another jumper when you went to complain?
  5. Have a heater! But if I leave it on all day then I may burn the block down............hang on........that'll teach them!

    All I want is a bit of heat to dry my wet towels!!
  6. I have to say this is one of those issues that drives any decent CO barmy when they find out about it...
  7. ahhh..i see the problem....you wash!

    What's a wet towel? :lol:
  8. Bye y'all,

    Off up to the block roof with a banner to stage a sit in!

    'Heat Now'

  9. Won't it be a bit cold up there????? 8O
  10. I'm gonna take my heater with a very long extension lead, and a wet towel!
  11. Why not just sidestep the problem, and invest in some microfibre towels?
  12. Girlies..the towels have be BIG and FLUFFY and ... wet!!!
  13. As I am prancing around my room in my fluffy, pink mules I don't think a small, kharki micro fibre towel is going to fit in with my girlie, knitting and kittens image!
  14. The QM with the RIB Ballykelly when I was there was trying for his MBE on the heating budget, so we reckoned - we got an hour of heat in the moring and and about five hours in the evening. It's no fun being 800 yards from the north Atlantic in a 1930's block with no double glazing. We all had electric fan heaters so I'd hate to have seen the electricity bill for Shackleton Bks!

    As for the solution to your problem, get an electric fan heater that has a thermostat on it and make sure it's plugged into the wall and not sharing a socket via an extension lead or adaptor and there's nothing anyone can do to tell you to remove it.