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Heathrow airport expansion cover-up

"THE Department for Transport (DfT) is facing a criminal investigation following a complaint that it deleted sensitive internal emails about the expansion of Heathrow airport.

It is accused of disposing of emails to and from the airport’s operator, BAA, between September and November 2007 as the government prepared to push through its controversial plans for a third runway.

The investigation unit of the Information Commissioner’s Office, staffed by former police officers, has asked to interview civil servants at the DfT about the apparent destruction of evidence."

Why would that happen then? Well, if you consider the political pressure being applied at the time.....

"Geoff Hoon, then the transport secretary, approved the third runway in January 2009 and indicated he would rush the project through to make it difficult for the Tories, who are against expansion, to overturn the decision. "



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I would like to think the same approach will be taken regarding the shredding of Blair's expenses accounts. Ah! I hear a pig revving up for takeoff ..
According to reports in the general media,Lord Mandleson of kickback is involved in the pushing of this project.

No doubt as a resuly of payment to some offshore bank account.

This may well explain any alleged criminal goings-on in this area.
Nothing will happen. The Information Commissioner's Office doesn't have the resources to prosecute large organisations. To the best of my knowledge, they have never prosecuted another government department, even though the Department of Health is the source of more than half of all of the complaints upheld by ICO. They simply don't have a large enough budget to bring a prosecution against the government.


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As always, nothing will come of this, nobody will be prosecuted, and things will carry on as normal. In reality, there is little difference between this Administration and, say, Nigeria - that well known upholder of moral, honest governance and transparent business deals.

Lord bum-bum could hold a live televised orgy in the Queens bedroom and still be held unaccountable. Everything he is involved with reaks of backdoor politics, underhandedness and stinks of sh1t. But as always, those who are 'our brothers keepers' are above reproach and prosecution.
Cake and eat it?
Wouldn't a new runway,and all those extra 'planes add to the co2 totals? and Mr Brown says co2 is very very bad.

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